Where to find a DECTUS medallion in Elden Ring

Elden Ring | How to Activate Grand Lift of Dectus & Dectus Medallion Location Guide
You can find the DECTUS medallion (right) in Elden Ring in Calid region in Fort Farot . The Calid region is east of Limgrave, the starting area of ​​the game. Fort Farot can be found south of the small tree Erd in the Dragon Kurgan. This is a dangerous area, and players should approach it with caution, especially if they are low.

To get a medallion, the players will need to enter the Fort Farot and go to the rear right of the structure. There will be a staircase leading to the top platform. On this platform there is a chest with a DECTUS medallion (right). Fort Farot is full of enemies similar to Garpius, as well as several high-level opponents, and pass through them may not be easy. Players do not need to defeat these enemies to get to the chest with a medallion, and just run along the stairs.

What do Dectus medallions do?

The declaration medallion (right) will work in random order with the dentus medalone (left) and, being delivered to the Great Elevator of Decase, can be used to activate transport to a new area of ​​the game. The great dentus lift is located north of Liurnia and tolerate players at Athluus Plateau. This requirement for players who hope to pass the plot of the game.

Players can hear how non-game characters talk about the great approach of dentus and how to activate it, traveling around the world of Elden Ring, but their dialogues are no more than tip to the actual decision.

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