President Moon Jae-in “Kim Jung-joo Nexon founder of the founder”

President Moon Jae-in left the right to rain the day of Kim Jung-joo Nexon founder through his Facebook.

President of the Moon said, “I would like to have a deep comfort to the limitations of the late Kim Jung-joo Nexon founder,” said Nexon’s employees, game industry workers, venture businessmen, and Kim Jung-ju’s founder. It was not all like all. “

“The deceased said,” The sake of challenges and innovations, has jumped beyond the first and second venture booms, “which has made the foundation of the first and second venture booms beyond the limits of the superb venture industry.” He played a leading role. “

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Then, the deceased said, “He raised the company’s growth, leading to social contributions for the health and happiness of children and adolescents,” he said, “he said. It has been a given instrument that was executed.

President Moon said, “The dedication to the challenge of the Kim Jung-ju’s establishment and the dedication to the community will last for a warm spring sunlight in the hearts of all of us.