The call of duty update: Warzone reverses the change of shopping station

_ Duty area: War Zone_ The developer Raven Software announced this week its plans to reintroduce the unmanned aerial vehicles at the game stations of the game with an inconvenience: would cost $ 9,000 to use in the game now. That higher price, as well as the existence of unmanned aerial vehicles in _zona of war in general, was one with which some players were not very satisfied, and parts of the community suggested that Buy Station should not have so much use if It was so expensive. Since then, Raven Software has reversed its decision in part by deciding to keep the UAV as originally intended, but now they will only cost $ 6,000 instead of $ 9,000.

The UAV update purchased from Buy Stations shared in the patch notes for the update of March 3 launched this week. Calling it “a final change” performed on the march 2 patch notes for the update that was launched on Thursday, Raven Software said that the idea had been discussed internally with a price of $ 6,000 considered more appropriate. However, there is a possibility that the price returns again in the future.

“After more discussions, our team decided to reintroduce the UAV to the lowest price of $ 6,000 to monitor the rhythm of the closest parties of the original design,” said the revised patch notes said. “Once we have collected enough data, we will make the subsequent decision on whether we continue or not with the proposed increase to $ 9,000. Providing players A fun and consistent long-term experience can sometimes take a little time. ” Per experimentation! »

The previous statement on the addition of UAV when they were going to have a price of $ 9,000 said that the highest price was a commitment to have them in the game while recognizing that there were players who would prefer to see them eliminated.

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«We have seen both sides of the comments with the previous change to eliminate the wholesale UAV of Buy Stations; Some players like the most traditional rhythm of Battle Royale, while others lack the ability to push a team more easily in the middle of the game, “Raven said. Software said on March 2. “We are enthusiastic about this commitment in which unmanned aerial vehicles will remain accessible but less likely to be exploitable so easily».

Call of Duty: Warzone The March 3 Update should now be available, so wait see unmanned aerial vehicles available at the $ 6,000 purchase stations in their upcoming parties.