Biathlon: Sprint of the ladies in Kontiolahti now in the live ticker

On the penultimate day of the World Cup in the Finnish Kontiolahti, the ladies of the biathlon world must prove itself in the discipline sprint. Here you can follow the entire race in the live ticker.

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Biathlon: Sprint of the ladies in Kontiolahti now in the live ticker – the top 5 at a glance

Rank Name Time
1. Denise Herrmann 20: 08.60
2. Tiril Eckhoff +5,00
3rd Hanna Öberg +6,80
4. Anais Chevalier Bouchet +15,50
5. Vanessa Voigt +16,70

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Biathlon: Sprint of the ladies in Kontiolahti now in the live ticker

Biathlon: Sprint of the ladies in Kontiolahti now in the Livetick – Hinz in the target tenth

Hinz in the destination

Vanessa Hinz loses some time on her final round. Half a minute residue comes together in the end. The Germans reach the goal as a tenth.

Lien awards your chance

Ida Lien is still quite well in the race, but now pats in the standing stop where two slices do not want to go. Thus, the Norwegian is clearly falling back. That’s how it looks good for Denise Herrmann. Currently, no danger is indicating its top position.

Prussian shoots next to it

Franziska Preuß can not do Vanessa Hinz. Again there are missing shots – this time even two. Thus she slips clearly and is no longer in question for the top 20.

Biathlon: Sprint of the ladies in Kontiolahti now in the Liveticker – Herrmann is in the lead

Herrmann in the finish first

In fact, Denise Herrmann brings five seconds ahead of the goal and begins to the top before Tiril Eckhoff. Marte Olsbu Roiseland is already there, with today two penal trials but now ranked back.

Hinz meets everything

Vanessa Hinz shoots outstanding today. Also, the otherwise often so shaky standing works works. Ten shots, ten hits – this will give a good result.

final round for Herrmann

On her final round Denise Herrmann seems to lose time, but then places again. Apparently, the Germans have divided the race well.

Biathlon: Sprint of the ladies in Kontiolahti now in the Liveticker – Eckhoff new leading

Eckhoff leads in the target

Tiril Eckhoff reaches the goal after a good final round and takes over the leadership with a good ten seconds before Anais Chevalier Bouchet.

Question mark at Hanna Öberg

At Hanna Öberg we have to suspect that she has shot the wrong slices. There are six mistakes in the sum, but the Swedine is guided as third. That does not fit together.

Herrmann despite penalty at the front

Standing is a target black at Denise Herrmann. Nevertheless, the single Olympic champion runs runner so strong that it is enough for the best time. Almost five seconds credit has compared to Tiril Eckhoff.

Biathlon: Sprint of the ladies in Kontiolahti now in the Liveticker – Voigt in the finish second

Voigt in the finish second

Then Vanessa vaces to the finish, pushing between Anais Chevalier Bouchet and Elvira Öberg. At the top only a good thing is missing a second.

Hinz meets

Meanwhile, the lying shooting stands for Vanessa Hinz, because all slices fall. Franziska Preuß remains a goal.

First destination starts

Meanwhile, Anais Chevalier-Bouchet is already in the finish and keeps the fast Elvira Öberg behind him. The Swedine occupies the 2nd place with the fastest runtime. Three seconds are missing. Dunja Zdouc is aim at the moment fifth.

Eckhoff at the top

Although Tiril Eckhoff is permanent with a miscalculation, but is the first to go to her final round – just under five seconds before Anais Chevalier Bouchet.

Hauser must cycle

Lisa Theresa Hauser lets her chances already lying in the first shooting with two mistakes. That raises the Tyrolean far back.

Voigt shoots perfectly

Meanwhile, Vanessa Voigt is in a standing stop. And there are all the windows with her. Ten hits in this sprint await a good result. As a second second, Germans go to their final round – just two seconds behind Anais Chevalier Bouchet.

Herrmann in leadership

While Hanna Öberg does a miscalcid shot, shortly thereafter Denise Herrmann in this stop makes much better, clears everything and sits down after the first shooting.

Braisaz Bouchet Patzt

Justine Braisaz-Bouchet throws your good starting position with two mistakes in the standing stop.

Olsbu Roiseland has to go into the round

For the first time, Marte Olsbu Roiseland comes to the shooting range. The entire World Cupding Guide allows a miscarriage and is located with 21 seconds behind the tracker role.


Dunja Zdouc does not leave on the shooting range today. Today, the Austrian is all about ten shots and goes up to third parties to the final round. 20 seconds are missing to the top. Shortly thereafter, Elvira Öberg releases a goal again.

Eckhoff shoots good

Kontiolahti Women's Relay | 2021-22 Biathlon World Cup
Lying then Tiril Eckhoff goes to works. The reigning Sprint World Champion does not have any bums and is then the second one second at the top, which last Justine Braisaz-Bouchet.

Second shooting

Then the first ski hunters already come to a standing shooting. Anais Chevalier-Bouchet does the task without errors this time and sets the standards for the first.

Voigt meets

Quiet and prudy, Vanessa offers Voigt completely and goes back to the track with almost 20 seconds. A little later, Dorothea Wierer is far less well from the hand. The South Tyrolean leaves two slices.

Braisaz Bouchet takes the lead

An announcement comes from Justine Braisaz-Bouchet. The Frenchwoman shoots flawlessly and sets off to the top with a good eleven seconds. Marketa Davidova must turn a round shortly thereafter.

An error for Öberg

Elvira Öberg misses a slice, but it has already made it on the way back to the track through its runner strength, is not even three seconds behind Fialkova.

Zdouc shoots perfectly

In addition, it is rather moderately shot. Also Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold has to circulate – even twice. Better does the task then Dunja Zdouc, remains without error. So it is possible to achieve good shooting results despite the wind.

Fialkova meets

The weaknesses of the competition uses Paulina Fialkova to set the tip with a faultless lying shooting.

First shoot

As the first German then Vanessa goes off. Meanwhile, Lena Häcki is already on the shooting range. Despite a very calm approach, that is not good. Two goals remain unaffected. In the penalty, Anais Chevalier Bouchet must be shortly thereafter.

First co-preferences

Now Elvira Öberg is on the way. You will follow a minute later Justine Braisaz-Bouchet. So we will get good charts early in the competition.

first intermediate times

Meanwhile, Dunja Zdouc is on the way. In addition, the first intermediate times thrust. It shows that Anais Chevalier-Bouchet starts quickly. However, the two and a half second ahead of Lena Häcki have nothing to do.

vittozzi missing

Not at the start is Lisa Vittozzi at the start. A positive corona test prevents the participation of the Italian. Also affected are some caregivers – but not yet the other athletes of the team.

Biathlon: Sprint of the ladies in Kontiolahti now in Liveticker – Start

Start: Already the start of the sprint takes place in sunny North Karelia. At temperatures of three degrees below zero, Lena Häcki opens the competition.

Biathlon: Sprint of the ladies in Kontiolahti now in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: FAVATHINES! Top Favoritin is undoubtedly the sprint Olympic champion Marte Olsbu Roiseland. At the same time, the Norwegian leads to the overall and discipline world Cup. You can most likely rich the Olympia second Elvira Öberg the water. Their sister Hanna we have to have just as at the note as the World Champion Tiril Eckhoff and the Olympic Third Dorothea Wierer. Normally, at least one of the French enumeration would belong, but the weakest last – especially on the shooting range. Should there be a reasonably unscathed there then with Justine Braisaz-Bouchet Co. is expected.

Before starting: Swiss Quartet! The Swiss also sends the four fifth-placed margins from the day before yesterday to the race, which Lena Häcki will open with start number 1. In addition, the gas-parin sisters Aita, Selina and Elisa are there.

Before starting: four Austrians! On the pages of the ÖSV are the four women at the start, which have already been denied the season on Thursday and were sixth. Already with start number 6 Dunja Zdouc is on the series. Later, you will follow the former Total World Cupside Lisa Theresa Hauser, Julia Schwaiger and Anna Joup.

Before starting: German Sextet! After the mentioned suspensions is free for the DSV girls in the nation rating of the way to secure six starting places for the coming season. Today, the German colors are represented by Vanessa Voigt, Denise Herrmann, Vanessa Hinz, Franziska Preuß, Franziska Hildebrand and Janina Hettich.

Before starting: Sprint! In front of the athletes are three 2.5 kilometers long rounds, between which only lying and then shot standing. For each miscalculation must be obtained in the penalty. In total, 85 names are on the start list. Sportsters from Russia and Belarus are missing from known reasons. This also applies to the Ukrainians who currently have others to deal with biathlon races.

Before starting: Overall, the athletes today have a distance of 7.5 kilometers to complete. Given the tight timed schedule at this World Cup, no easy task.

Before starting: **** Let’s go here from 12.45. The place of venue is the Biathlon Stadium in the Finnish community of Contilahti.

Before starting: **** Hello and welcome to the Liveticker of the ladies’ sprinklets in Kontiolahti.

Biathlon: Sprint of the ladies in Kontiolahti today in the Liveticker – the transfer in the TV and Livestream

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Biathlon: Sprint of the ladies in Kontiolahti today in the live ticker – the current World Cup total

Rank Name Points
1 Roiseland (NOR) 651
2 Alimbekava (BLR) 589
3 E. Öberg (SWE) 563
4 Hauser (AUT) 487
5 H. Öberg (SWE) 482
6 Wierer (ITA) 430
7 Braisaz-Bouchet (FRA) 425
8 Sola (BLR) 420
9 Chevalier Bouchet (FRA) 407
10 BESCOND (FRA) 399