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COD: BLACK OPS COLD WAR receives new content

It seems that _ call of duty: Black Ops Cold War _Today has not finished receiving content. Even if Vanguard has already been a couple of months in the market, Treyarch has decided to add new DLC to the 2020 delivery in the form of a classic map, and a new weapon.

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WMD is the map in question, and it is a classic that the players of the original original will surely remember. On the theme of the weapon we have Vargo 52, A new assault rifle that is available in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone . However, it will be necessary to unlock it by zombies or multiplayer mode.

– Multiplayer: MAN damage with assault rifles in 15 different ended items.

– Zombies: Eliminates 750 enemies using an assault rifle with three pack-a-punched improvements.

It is certainly an interesting update and maybe it shows us that Black Ops Cold War continues to have a healthy base of players. This will definitely please the people of activision , who will apparently be delaying the call of duty of 2023 to 2024.

Editor’s note: I do not understand very well what this update is due, since normally, the Games of Call of Duty only receive support during the respective year of its launch. Maybe Activision is experimenting with this, so in the future, the way they update these games could change.