Nintendo, Buy Digital Games in Russia eshop Rublown Payment Stop

Nintendo said that Nintendo Eshop, who can buy the game digitally through the Russian website announcement, switched to maintenance mode.

According to the announcement, “I stopped the dispatch of the ruble payment in the payment service used in Nintendo Eshop,” he said, “Because of this, Nintendo Eshop in Russia is in the maintenance mode.” In the end, the Russian game user has a path to digitally purchase the game of Nintendo by the monetary of its country.

Nintendo has not yet been discovered whether to stop selling the value of Russia, such as Apple, EA, and MS, such as Apple, EA and MS.

Nintendo Switch: How To buy a Game from Nintendo eShop for beginners.

Many game companies have already taken actions to Ukraine invasion in Russia. EA and CD projects red to stop playing games in Russia and Belarus, or deleted Russian content.

Microsoft also has discontinued all new sales of MS office, Windows products and services in Russia, including Xbox Hardware and Software. In addition, Sony is expected to do the Russian sales of Gran Turismo 7 this year’s lineup title.