Elden Ring: How to freed Sellen in Witchbane Ruins

Sorceress Sellen is an important quoting NPC in Elden Ring, which could be extremely useful for magical users. It will lead you through several places in the Lands Between, possibly in places that are very far in the final. While you do your search, she will disappear here after she has instructed her to find the wizard who has lost himself in the Sellia hiding place in Caelid. So you can free sorceresses in Elden Ring.

To free sale in the ruins of Witchbane in Elden Ring

First, you should know that you have to defeat StarScourge Radahn to advance. As soon as she seemed the seemingly unbeatable beast, you have to meet your way with Waypoint ruins. Sells will tell you that the being you see before your eyes is just a projection of her. Your real body is tied up in Witchbane ruins.

Go to the Fourth Church of Marika Grace Site. From there you travel south until you reach the ruins of Witchbane. The entrance to the subsoil is guarded by an Arcane Sphere of Faces. Once there they meet on the actual sairs. Talk to her and exhausting her whole dialogue until she gives her original shimmer stone .

She will then tell you that you should bring it to a new host in the ruins between Renna’s and Ranni’s Rise. Despite all the news she encountered, which she informs about secret walls, there is actually a secret ground that you need to meet. It will reveal a staircase that leads down into the ruins. Just carry out a pair of stroke attacks directed downwards or jump attacks to finally expose the hidden stairs.

Elden Ring Ambush Shard Location and Captured Sellen Witchbane Ruins Weeping Peninsula

Once you have arrived there, you will be greeted by a message that tells you that you “do not touch” what sounds threatening. Ignore it and reveal the hidden wall directly behind this message . Join the shimmer stone the unruly body, which will then lead you back to the witch banners. Here you will find the witch hunter Jerren, where the search is continued.

As soon as they talked to him, go to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library, where they meet the choice, to help sells or jerren in this ongoing feud. Quest rewards can vary.

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