Permanently increases the obtaining of runes in Elden Ring with the Golden Gold. Where is it and how to get it

Whenever a sorsborne comes out to the market, ways are sought to facilitate the process of improving the character, being essential to find areas of Farmeo safe. For Elden Ring we have already seen several, like the 70,000 coup runes of a certain dragon asleep or the suicide ball with 240,000 runes every hour.

Yes, you can strengthen the number of runes using the macerated bird leg in gold to “increase the acquisition of runes for a while”, but it is an object that is used and lasts a while. What if we want the increase permanent? In this case we will need a talisman. In particular, the complex Gold Bear .

Location of the Golden Beetle Talisman

We say “complex” because getting it will not be a walk, but you will have to suffer one of the worst altered states of the entire game: red putrefaction . The reason is that the cave where it is hidden is plagued by the substance that provokes that situation without desirable that you lower your life quickly without pause.

Before entertainment in this abandoned cave, accessible from the place of grace where there is a spyglass thanks to which you can have a wonderful perspective of the Caelid region , it is recommended that you use soap to reverse the effect of the effect of the putrefaction, helped pass with the help of immunizing white cured meat and the immunizing corneal amulet for enhance immunity **, since it is likely that you do not have the only bolus that reverses this putrefaction.

It is also advisable to use the flashlight due to the practically null visibility offered by this cave, which by very linear it may be, it is better to go to fixed pinion. So when you activate your place of grace, look at yourself on your left and go out there until you can go further on the right, where there is an enemy. It advances to the bottom passing through the rats and you will reach poisonous flowers. It passes from them and pulls along the way of the background until they reach a passage with two bosses. Yes, two bosses.

Luckily, none is especially hard, although you should be careful not to step on the areas that will cause red putrefaction again… Beyond that, the Lancero imputressive knight will use his spear in various ways (one of his Attacks, with magic, care) and the Imputrescible Knight Scolding will do the same with your scythe and another magic somewhat damn. So it invokes any ash to facilitate the task, which with the Lancero you will have little margin until the scintaler emerges from the ground. And yes, Golden beagle you will get it by defeating them .

And how much increases raising runes? 20% permanently, eye.

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