Cacao Games, Grand Chase soul engraved content update

Grandchase Kakao Mercuria lvl 365 with Mari Soul Imprint
Cacao Games (Representative Jose) said that the Mobile RPG ‘Grand Chase’ developed by Cogs (Lee Jong-won) is developed on the Mobile RPG ‘Grand Chase’ and colorful events.

This update introduces ‘Eau Rop’ soul engraving and ‘breakdown of a breakdown of the’. Since then, ‘Challenge! Weekly Bingo Events’ and ‘Bernner’ soul engraving and crushing updates will be sequentially proceeded sequentially.

First, the ‘europa’ soul enhancement is updated and the utilization in Daejeon content is enhanced. It is noted that ‘Eau Ropean’ is particularly able to lead changes in Daejeon through this update, especially as the utilization is higher in the Daejeon Deer.

In addition, the ‘Extraordination Bully Events’ utilizes ‘breakthroughing kingdom concept’ and ‘time altar’ content for the 14th. Users can acquire various relevant items related to ‘breakfast, altar events’ and can be exchanged for up to two ‘legendary relics’ collection of event coins that can be acquired when opened,.

Then, from 15th to five weeks twice, ‘Challenge! Winley Bingo Events’. The user can clear the mission, complete the bingo, and it is possible to receive a rich compensation such as ‘SS 5 Sexual Hero Sumor’, ‘Sentiment of Soul’.

On the other hand, the new ‘Grand Chase’ new ‘soul stamping’ update and events can be found in the official café.