Portable PC Game Machine Steam Deck is scheduled to be sold in Japan in “New Year”. Valve announces

Valve announced that the portable gaming device “Steam Deck” is a policy that can be purchased in Japan within the year. It is revealed with the latest announcement.

Steam Deck is a portable gaming device developed by Valve. 7 Inch displays are centered, and sticks, buttons, track pads, etc. are disposed on the left and right. Valve is equipped with Linux-based OS “Steamos” originally developed by Valve, and it is attractive to enjoy a large number of PCs that are distributed by STeam operated by the company.

About Steam Deck, shipping is shipped from February 26 at the US, Canada, EU, England, which had already accepted reservations. On the other hand, sales in other regions were sequentially announced on the official site. Valve mentions Steamworks’s Steam Deck section, “I am working on, especially for selling Steam Deck in Japan and Australia”. In Japan, it has been confirmed that the patent information platform J-PLATPAT was waiting for review.

Valve is considered to be considering that you can purchase Steam Deck in more countries, including Japan, including Japan. Steam Deck sales in Japan increased to begun during 2022. In terming a sales schedule, English text also mentions Japan again in Japanese text, and it seems that Valve has not changed to sales for Japan.

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Steam Deck is currently shipped to the preceding sales area. For Japan, it is scheduled to be sold within 2022.