New Generation Rich Anime RPG “Counter: SIDE” New PVE Content Implemented “Battle Support”!

Nexon Co., Ltd. (Head office: Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Owen Mahoney / Owen Mahonyi, TSE: 3659, and the following Nexon) are delivered “Counter: Side”. (The following “Counterside“) has been updated, including the implementation of the new PVE content “fierce battle support”.

Nexon Co., Ltd. (Head office: Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Owen Mahoney / Owen Mahonyi, TSE: 3659, and the following Nexon) are delivered “Counter: Side”. (The following “Counterside”) has implemented an update including the implementation of the new PVE content “fierce battle support”.

Nexon Co., Ltd. (Head office: Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Owen Mahoney / Owen Mahonyi, TSE: 3659, and the following Nexon) are delivered “Counter: Side”. (The following “Counterside”) has implemented an update including the implementation of the new PVE content “fierce battle support”.
Besides that, we are carrying out a white data campaign that can be obtained by “Quartz” and the participatory Twitter campaign that commemorates White Day, which can be obtained by “Quartz” just by logging in, and a limited time event.

For more information, please refer to the following.

# New PVE content “fierce battle support” implementation!

After clearing the mainstream EP.4, we implemented a new PVE content “fierce battle support” that can challenge only for a specific period.
The maximum amount of damage when defeating the boss and the remaining time remaining time can be acquired “a fierce war support actual point”,
You can use this point to replace with “T6 SSR Equipment” or other players to compete with other players.
In addition, the player who left excellent achievements can earn “Quartz” and “set binaries” as order reward.

# White Day Campaign Held

Login and login events that can be acquired by “Quartz” and other game items
Hot-time events that increase the probability of success in “dispatched task” will be held as a white day campaign.

# Login event

You can earn in-game items by logging in to a specified time.

12:00-23: 59 17:00 ~ 23:59

March 10 (Thu) Tuning Binary × 10
(20: 00-23: 59)

March 11 (Fri) Quartz × 100 Ethanium x 3,000
March 12 (Saturday) Quartz × 100 Ethanium x 3,000
March 13 (Sun) Quartz × 100 Ethanium x 3,000
March 14 (Mon) Quartz × 200
Very review of mockwood passive acquisition right x 3 Ethanium x 3,000

March 10, 2012 (Thu) -March 14 (Mon) 23:59

# Hot Time Event “Dispatch Mission Support”

A great success probability of “dispatch mission” increases by 30%.

March 11, 2012 (Fri) 00:00 to March 14 (Mon) 23:59

# White Day Memorial Lobby Screen Contest

A screenshot contest is being held on the theme of “Male Characters White Day I want to spend together”.
Arrange the “Counterside” lobby screen freely along the theme, shoot a screenshot, put a designated hashtag and posted the “Counterside” operating team from the time you posted to Twitter.
If you post a good work, we will give 3,140 quartz (equivalent to 20 gacha),
It also holds a w chance campaign to give a Male SSR character that you like to one person from the person who received the start notice of the contest from the number of RTs.
It depends on your sense how much you want to use the “Counterside” lobby screen with high degree of freedom. We look forward to posting power.

1. Edit the “Counterside” lobby screen and shoot a screenshot on the theme of “Male Characters I want to spend together White Day”.
2. Follow the “Counterside” official Twitter account (@COUNTERSIDE_NXJ).
Tweet, including three screenshots taken in 3.1, the hash tag “# counter side” and “# lobby screen contest”.

※ Although multiple arrangements of multiple characters, multiple arrangements of the same character are also possible, the subject is only male characters, and those containing female characters are not subject to examination.
※ Comments to screenshots and messages to characters can be freely written in the tweets.

Excellence Award (5 people) Quartz x 3,140

# W Chance Campaign Details

“Counterside” Official Twitter Account (@COUNTERSIDE_NXJ) followed,
We will present one male SSR character that you like to one name by lottery from among those who received the start notice of this contest.

[Targeted Male SSR Character]
Strong Hold / Terminator / Titan / Kyle Won / Ichinose Kaor / John Mason / Dominique King Regenalinaldo

[Target tweet]

March 9, 2022 (Wed) Recruitment started by Tweet-March 16 (Wed) 23:59

# Limited time event challenge “Alto platoon gathering”

Event Challenge “Alto Battalion” will be held for a limited time.
Cleared, you can get the “Black Network Request Token” required to make specialized equipment production of the Alto Pattalion.

March 10, 2022 (Thu) -3 months 24 (Thu) 4:00

# “Counterpass: Career” Update

When the experience value obtained by clearing the specified daily / weekly mission during the period,
We have updated the contents of the system “counterpass” that can acquire items to be useful in the game.
By purchasing items such as “Special Plan”, you can earn rewards including the SSR “Harlov” belonging to “Klonenworth Puppet”, and you can also play “Counter Pass” from the rising path level. Is possible.

SSR “Harlov” (CV. Koji Yuki)
Affiliation: Chronaworth Puppet Drama
Employee type: counter
Class: Supporter
Attack type: universal attack

March 10, 2022 (Thu) to April 6 (Wed) 4:00

# SSR operator “Rena McKenzie” pickup adoption (gacha) started!

SSR operator “Rena McKenzie” has been implemented and pickup adoption (gacha) is started to improve the emission probability of the character.

SSR “Rena McKenzie” (CV. Anno Yuki)
Affiliation: Coffining Company

March 10, 2022 (Thu) -3.31 (Thu) 4:00

# Other updates and sales

# # Picnic souvenir

By logging in at a specified time, we will hold a login event that can acquire items in game items such as “sensitive training materials” and “Special Authority Core Acquisition rights” and “Quartz”.

March 10, 2022 (Thu) -3 months 24 (Thu) 4:00

# # Challenge “Excellence Human Resources Evaluation of Nakasima Suzuka”

We will hold an event challenge that is easy to obtain “special power evaluation” “information” and “quartz” for a limited time.

March 10, 2022 (Thu) -March 17 (Thu) 4:00

# # Convenience Store Pocalypse New Product in stock

We will resell popular products such as “Security adoption 5 + 1 special package” and “Daily Special Treatment Package I-III”.
Please check the notice page for details.

Please check the announcement page for other updates and sales items.

# About “Counterside”

“Counterside” is a “new generation rich animation RPG” that the character development × strategy × story x animation is fused.

# # Sense of immersive Walking and stories

The stage is 2044. A “erosion phenomenon” from the back world will occur from the real world . The player who is the president of a private military company will lead each platoon consisting of different ability “counters” and will compete with “erosion” that attempts to invite .
In addition to carefully created world views and stories, all essences are fused, such as high-quality animations expanded at the key, resulting in a title that can get a high immersion feeling.

# # Two “C” to support the game

More than 100 characters that appear are implemented in beautiful illustrations that move dynamically by LIVE 2D. There are also more than 200 high-quality cut scenes. In addition to the main scenarios of more than 6 million (the six partitions of the paperback book), the sid stories and event stories that can enjoy the story more deeply, all original BGMs and animations are created.

The battle of this work is directed to the “small party” organized and proceeds with the offense real-time line battle that destroys the enemy’s mains while protecting itself. The character development is also equipped with PVE content such as real-time PVP and Raid, as well as a real-time strategy / simulation element, and a title that combines the elements of the fostering RPG.

# # 75 luxury voice actors

The theme song of the Japanese version is popular voice actor Mizuki Nana, a popular song for “Counterside”. In addition, the main character voice plays by popular voice actors such as Fukuyama Jun, Mr. Yoko Hikaso, and more than 75 voice actors.

# Title Overview

■ Title name Counter: SIDE (Counterside) ■ Price system Basic play Free (item charge system) ■ Development company Studiobside ■ Providing platform App Store, Google Play, Windows (planned) ■ Recommended environment [SP] iOS 12.0 or higher / Android OS 5.0.1 or more (Memory 2GB or more) [PC] Windows 10 64 Bit or more ■ AppStore https://apps.apple.com/app/id1565116857 Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details ? ID = com.nexon.cosjp ■ Official site https://counterside.nexon.co.jp/ ■ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/counterside_nxj ■ Copyright notation Copyright (C) 2021 Nexon Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. (C) Nexon Korea Corp. & Studiobside Co., Ltd., LTD. All Rights Reserved.