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Sandbox ADV “CORE KEEPER” for “add toxicity of digging” -exual Keeper-Exploration, battle and craft are fun! [Bakuple play repo]

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only “I don’t know what kind of game!” And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. Therefore, it will be “ explosion play repo ” to deliver the contents of the game of game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver live content about “ CORE KEPER ” that has started early access from PUGSTORM, Publisher FIRESHINE GAMES on March 8, 2022.

# “Core Keeper”

Sandbox adventure for Developer Pugstorm in Sweden. The player will make adventures and survival while polishing various skills such as mining, architecture, combat and cooking as a result of the underground world.

Create a character and world separately and use a “Terarian” that can freely move the world. It also supports multiplayers that can participate up to eight people, and can cooperate with the player to send adventures and agricultural life.

The “Steam Next Festival” held in February 2020 delivers the trial version and won approximately 130,000 players during the period. Adjusted the feedback obtained from the trial version and releases the STEAM early access version.

Please note that this play report will be an impression of only solo play.

# Close to the actual content of “Core Keeper”!

First, let’s create a world with a world. The world of this work is a procedural generation and just determines the name when creating. As mentioned above, it is a work where the data of the world and the character is independent like “Tellaria”, so icons can be changed to be easy to distinguish.

In addition to the appearance of hairstyles and clothes, etc. in character creation, you can set the player’s background. There are several types such as “explorer” “chef” and “fisherman”, each of the initial skills and initial equipment. In addition, when the character dies, it is possible to set the difficulty of “hardcore” that will be restored and the “hardcore” difficulty to be lost.

The story starts with a scene where a player who is a member of the expedition is attracted to the “Mysterious Device”. When the player woke up, the underground cave has not been seen there. Apparently, it seems that it is likely to restart mysterious devices to return to the ground, but it seems that energy is out.

When I searched around the device, there are three altars connected to the device, and it seems that you need to give a specific item for energy supply. In this way, the player will return to the original world, it will explore the mystery underground world with too scarce equipment.

# Wall candle crisp! Feel free to explore it!

The basic status of this work is two of physical strength and hunger. It is necessary to take a meal for recovery, but the player’s hand has only some of cans (even for the initial occupation). Since there are several “mushrooms” that can be eaten around the early point of the year, let’s harvest it.

You can also get wood by destroying “wooden roots” spreading worldwide. Wood is an important material used for crafts of tools such as workbench and tuluhashi. Since there is no most material for the initial point, we will first collect some wood and make a tree tulus and dig the surrounding wall to expand the world.

This is faithful to the basics of sandbox survival. You can process various tools and production facilities with the workbench, and create a furnace capable of processing ore and cooking pan that can cook ingredients, and the efficiency of recovery will be greatly improved. It also provides a salvage table that can repair and disassemble a broken tool.

In addition, this work rises 9 kinds of skills such as Running, Mining, nearby battle (MELEE), and agriculture (GARDENING). By raising the skills with 5 levels, you can earn the characteristics that match the skills, such as “crafts increase”, “damage rise” and “ore sense scope up”.

The wall of this work is quite fragile, and the scaffold across water and cliffs can be installed without almost no limit, so it is very attractive that it is easy to spread the world from the beginning. However, let’s be careful because there are monsters such as slime and insects in the cave. During the adventure, it is mandatory to secure a view while installing the eye.

# Create your own survival base!

Survival genre games can not create a base to continue a stable adventure. There is also a housing element in this work, combining floor, wall and doors, etc. to create a safe base. You can easily recover your physical strength if you make a bed, so you can save resources significantly.

You can make wood and food stable supply if you make a field. Since crops must be given water regularly, let’s make a base close to the water area as much as possible. However, if you dig a waterfield with a shovel, you can draw water as soon as you can, so you can make a river yourself and live in your favorite place.

In production facilities, “Salvedician” which can repair tools is very excellent. I need parts to disassemble and obtain unnecessary tools, but in the current build, we can mass-produce wood in the field, as we can disassemble the tree’s tulus and replace the bronze. You can repair in real no cost (this is almost changing the system…).

# Boss Battle also exists! The world spreads

The purpose of this work is “to launch the three altars and re-start the device.” In order to launch the altar, dangerous monsters have adventures the underground world to get out of the underground world and find items.

Traces of civilization are in the underground world, and treasure chests and mysterious ritual marks are left a lot. Since the treasure chest contains valuable equipment, ore, crop seeds, etc., it is recommended to find out from the beginning. However, there are many terrain with treasure chest, so be careful because the cavity is often inhabiting a lot of monsters.

There is also a huge boss monster in the cave. The huge slime fought first was a huge monster that spots a slime with speed drops at the foot, ignoring the walls and scaffolds and attacked. If you do not have equipment and accessories in the search, winning is a difficult partner.

By defeating the boss, it is possible to obtain an important item for capture, and new elements such as merchant release appeared. You will also be able to craft the items that can search for “Toru Elements” in the underground world. In order to return to the original world, the world of adventures in the underground world will spread more and more.

Because life at the base is unexpected, it will be “I wonder if you don’t have to go back anymore” if you are stable to some extent….

It is “Core Keeper” that has been introduced here, but the open world sandbox element and action RPG element balance is very excellent. There is not much hints in the game, but I think that it is not a problem with skills and crafts with easy-to-see UI.

I love “Main Craft”, but there is a “ addictive ” to the favorite part. When digging and picking up items, “sound” and “just goodness” of mining speed will digs holes.

“Core Keeper” is a systemic ability to dig the wall easily from the early stage, and “sound” such as mining is also simple goodness to feel good. In addition, if you are searching, there is also a “adventure pleasure” that can be found in a large amount of valuable ore and treasure chests, and you can fully enjoy the “** tox” of this work.

Early access will end within 2022. In addition to adding items and Bihohm as well as adding items and Bihohms, the storytime, such as game endings, is also greatly expanded. In addition, STeam has also published future roadmaps. Even now, I’m out of play, but I can expect this earlier.

“CORE KEEPER” is being delivered in STEAM early access.

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