Dont miss it if it is a core gamer! This Week Indie Choose-Agricultural Life Swims that Japans Country Life can experience

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This week, Japan’s country life can experience open world Agriculture JPRG “ Sunny Side “, Sunny Sandbox Adventure “ Core Keeper ” that can be played with up to eight people, expanding the aerial city to extend the world It is three of the construction simulation “ AIRBORNE KINGDOM “.

sunny side

This work is an open world agricultural JRPG on the country of Japan. The main character who bought his own land for the first time on the stage of a certain countryside post-town started agriculture. While accumulating his experience, we will create your own farm and interact with people in the area.

It is said that it is a countryside, and there is no old odor in this work, which is also a modern agricultural simulation, and a farming experience using a modernized technology is waiting. Watering is not a troublesome jourer, but an electric water pump. Introduce solar panels for electricity. You can also extend the farm from overhead using a dr1. Also, it seems that the harvested vegetables can be cooked and eaten. In addition, livestock such as cows and chickens can also be reared as well as vegetables. It is possible to learn how to support the regional economy aiming for self-sufficiency.

Living in town can communicate with unique residents. It seems that you can build a bond with them and join the event and find a special existence. Also, the character to be your own alternatives, gender, hairstyle, clothes, etc. are customizable. Limited time-limited alpha test for the reservation person in Kickstarter and Backerkit is being held at Steam.

# Core Keeper

This work is a sandbox adventure game that started early access on March 8, 2022. Players will carry adventures and survival while polishing various skills such as mining, architecture, combat and cooking on the basement world.

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If you promote mining, resources and Relic can be acquired, and you can use them to build a base or create new equipment. If you make a field, you can supply wood and food stable, and you can use various convenient features in production facilities that help lives. In addition, dangerous monsters are also crawling in the underground world, and elements such as boss with huge boss monsters can also be enjoyed. In addition, this work also supports up to eight multiplayers. There are also play reports for other detailed contents, so please take a look at that.

# Airborne Kingdom

The STEAM version of the airborne construction simulation “Airborne Kingdom” released in December 2020 appeared on March 8, 2022. This work is a simulation game that develops aerial cities while managing resources and residents. We will interact with the city of the ground world, earn new technologies and human resources, and expand the city.

Balance such as air resistance, propulsion, lift, mass, etc. to expand the aerial kingdom. In addition, residents are also important to answer their needs, requiring house, food, medicine, etc. The vast world is randomly generated and can find new resources and ground kingdoms by exploring the world. Solving the troubles of the kingdom of the ground and acquiring allegiance when completing the quest. You can expand your country’s influence and lead to prosperity. In the update associated with the STEAM version, “Endless Recruits” has been added to hard mode and new civilians.