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WoW World First Race: The fear of the third mythical

Even with the third raid of WOW: Shadowlands, the developers have again shown that they have made the raid content of their MMOS even challenging. The normal mode is no longer the glorified LFR mode, the last bosses on heroically equal more and more mythical encounters and even the top guilds of the world desperate after over 340 pulls just on the five-largest boss of the raid.

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Guilds who felt in the last three weeks 16 hours a day have prepared the World First Race and have the best Gear including 4-set bonuses to date, struggle at the 7th Boss Halondrus . It will soon end the first mythical ID.

Will the World First Race go to the third mythical ID?

Stand now (Monday, March 14, 2022) has US guild and with-favorite on the World First Title Liquid a day to defeat Halondrus before it goes for the players to the next ID. What the spectator is exciting and the event continues to lengthen, is already a bit scary for the top guilds .

Even with the moderators of the live events, the question is repeatedly taken up whether the event could go for more than two weeks this time. The actual “Wall Boss” Anduin was not torned yet and could employ the top guilds at least two days. Then you would definitely be in the second ID and maybe even chunks like Rygelon and Lord’s horror, which could also take two or more days due to their boss mechanics.

And who knows what a hard nut becomes the cheater master. As an end boss of the extension, he should not fall directly on the first or second day. The fact that the guilds have spent more time at the beginning of the World First Race for the beginning of the World First Race than usual in the heroic and normal mausoleum of the mausoleum of the first **, the schedule becomes increasingly narrower. Normally, the World First Race event is assuming that it lasts about two weeks. Currently, a third mythical ID can not be ruled out.

What is the problem at a longer event?

First of all, behind the event for guilds such as ECHO, Liquid and other major organizations, which have set up for the World First Race at an event location, a lot of logistics and thus money. A three- instead of two-week event means more spending on food, moderators, IT etc . Maybe some events must be repeated in the own four walls even in week 3 or canceled or canceled. The two weeks have a bit of flexibility, according to Liquid and Echo, but you can not pull the event too much in length.

For the competition on itself means a third ID that will be released from then double legendarys . Players can then wear a second pact legendary next to their normal legendary . Of course, this increases the strength of the character enormous and could trivialize scarce boss fights. And then then the much discussed time difference between the two counterparty ECHO (EU) and Liquid (US).

ECHO could possibly be damned to defeat the cheer master in the second ID . Do not create it, Liquid can start the virtually one day earlier in the third ID, with two legendary’s luggage tailor. Provided, of course, both guilds are already at the end boss and he is in kill range. We are curious how the next bosses look like Halondrus and whether they are so heavy that we will see a third mythical ID. When does you think you fall? In the second or third ID? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments.

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