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So it is currently at the World First Race in World of Warcraft

Recently, in the online role-playing game World of Warcraft times a worldwide competition. Numerous guilds from around the world want to secure the coveted title of the “World First Kill” . It’s about which player group succeeds first to defeat the final boss in the new RAID instance “Mausoleum of the First” on the mythical level of difficulty. We’ll tell you how the current state is.

That’s how it stands in the World First Race of WOW

In total, the “Mausoleum of the first” eleven boss opponent comprises, with the end to the final confrontation with the Chairman personally. It is the upper pose weight of the Shadowlands extension. So far, however, no guild has managed to achieve him on the mythical degree of difficulty, let alone defeat. The current World First Race is the US guild “Liquid” in the lead. You have succeeded as the only guild worldwide worldwide, to conquer the boss opponent Halondrus . Thus, they have been able to turn off seven of a total of eleven bosses.

But the distance to the competition is low, because there are numerous guilds with 6 out of 11 kills. This pursuer is currently listed by the European Guild “ECHO”, but also The German grouping “Aversion” is under the top 10. There is the relationship between European and American guilds with 6: 4 relatively balanced. Until the victory of the Chairman, however, a few days may pass, the World First Race you can follow “Liquid”, among other things, in the LiveStream of the Guild.

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The RAID instant “Mausoleum of the First” was introduced with the extensive update 9.2 in World of Warcraft (now Buy Now), which at the same time represents the last major chapter of Shadowlands expansion. As it is about the future of the online role-playing game, the fans already experienced next month: On 19 April 2022 Blizzard Entertainment will announce the next add-on, to which there are already numerous rumors and speculation.

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