Path of exile

Wow, find the scrolls of the stories of exile to unlock the flight

The flight skill in Zereth Mortis is released by finding the stories of exile, you are explained where to find all the stories for the high done on wow. If the reputation of the lights makes it possible to recover many bonuses, the second legendary (see our complete guide on how to unlock the second legendary) and the flight competence are obtained through the campaign and the highs. At this level, the flight is possible from Wednesday, March 16 (in Europe) but you will have to complete the secret secrets unveiled to obtain it.

Update : Update of Wednesday, March 16th.

Unlock the flight skill on wow

The flight competence in Zereth Mortis is released from Wednesday, March 16 by completing the chapter of the week’s campaign but also by having made several HF.

  • Explorer Zereth Mortis

How to unlock Flying in Zereth Mortis - Shadowlands Unlocking the Secrets Guide
* Strange collections
* The path of enlightenment
* Stories of exile
* Adventures in Zereth Mortis

This will allow you to fly over the new zone and so, from rushing even faster your daily and weekly quests in the idea of ​​reaching revered as soon as possible.

Where to find the stories of exile in Zereth Mortis?

If the other HF will be supplemented quite passively if you have a little dragged in Zereth Mortis since the exit of the patch 9.2 the end of the Eternity, the HF stories of the exile is a little more specific.

Indeed, it requires recovering 7 scattered scrolls in the area. If the most curious will have already recovered all, many players will wonder why they can not fly to the conclusion of the chapter of the week.

You can find them at the following coordinates

  • The exile of Firim, Part 1: / Way 35.72 55.40
  • The exile of Firim, Part 2: / Way 41.76 62.41
  • The exile of Firim, Part 3: / Way 37.55 46.13
  • The exile of Firim, Part 4: / Way 49.86 76.60
  • The exile of FIRIM, Part 5: / WAY 38.97 31.12
  • The exile of FIRIM, Part 6: / WAY 67.34 25.17
  • The exile of FIRIM, Part 7: / WAY 64.77 33.71

Note that there is no order to recover them, you can simply move in the area to pick up those missing.

Here is our guide concerning Zereth Mortis Scrolls for the top of the stories of exile in the new area in the heart of the patch 9.2. You can find all our information and guides on our World of Warcraft portal.