Zhuhrui weakening with “Elden Ring” update delivery! There is a useful function for NPC …

Full Software Works PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Steam New Action RPG “Elden Ring”. At 12:00 on March 17, an update for the purpose of fixing bugs that occurred in the game, war and magic, etc., has been updated.

# ◆ “Frost step” known as a struggle technique weaker

The focus on this update is the lower correction of “frost step” that has been striking from the beginning of release. The power and motion performance have been reduced. The author also tried, obviously the power is down.

In response to this adjustment, Twitter, “frost-headed weakening” is immediately treded. In addition, the war and war and war as a strong reputation that were strong and strong from the user, such as “blood slash” “iron wall shield”, “the hue of photographer”, was weakened. After all it was not permitted….

Also, add an icon and NPC name to the map when encountering an NPC. Merchants and NPCs in the field are now displayed as icons.

The main update items listed on the official site are as follows.

# ◆ Main items included in the latest update

# Additional elements

  • Add the function to which the names of icons and NPCs are recorded when encountering NPCs

  • Add NPC “Obsuke”

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  • Add some phases to the following NPC events

Diaros / Nefeli Lu / Kenneth Hight / Gostk

  • Added a co-fight NPC that can be summoned in multiple situations

  • Added pattern of objects that players mimickh

  • In some fields, add BGM flowing to the evening time zone

# Fixed

  • Correction of bug that summoned NPC is not damaged in some boss wars

  • Correction of defects that can not obtain items even if you defeat the boss in some boss matches

  • In a specific key configuration, a defect that the line is skipped when conversation with NPC

  • Correction of failure that fails to get riding and becomes unreachable

  • Correction of defects that do not have mysterious ability correction in some weapons

  • Changes to add “Amulet Bags” to Shop Lineup of “Twin Annual”, if you can not get two or more items “Amulet Bags” under a specific situation

  • Correction of bugs that can not be moved from the map to blessings at the end

  • Correction of bug that can not be moved to the next area after combat with “Temple of fire”

  • Correction of defects different from assumation and different correction values ​​when strengthening some weapons

  • Correction of defects that do not compensate for some weapons

  • Correction of bugs to hang under a specific environment

  • Multiplayer Boundaries of multiplayable areas are fixed from assumation

  • Correction of defects that counterattack triggered without absorbing attacks during the effect of a war mark “Golden tree”

  • Fixed different effects from the assumption of prayer “Great sin of fire”

  • Correction of weapons that do not use war technologies when using the war technique “deteration mination” and “decision of a king knight”

  • Adjust the graphic representation of magic “appearance appearance”

  • Removing “Boro-Boam” Equipment Acquired in a Specific Procedure

  • Correction of defects that some hostile NPC drops

  • Correction of defects where sounds different from assumptions are played in some situations

  • Correction of drawings and hit judgment in some maps

  • Correction of drawings and behavior different from assumation in some enemies

  • Correction of defects that parameters differ from assumptions in some armor

  • Text fix

  • Other Improvements of Several Performance, Fixed Fixed Phenomena

# Balance adjustment

  • In some enemies, the drop rate of the item “forging” is upward

  • Add items “forged shutdown” to some shop lineup of the early stage

  • Updiertial modification of “shield”

  • Updiance of the “” item of the attack system

  • Updiance of the power of the item below

Spray scent / poison spray

  • Beginning the effect time of the item below

Fragrance of fragrance / raising of iron

  • Updiance HP recovery amount of Trent when using the following items

Loa raisins / suite raisins / frozen raisins

  • Reduces the following magic FP consumption and revised power upward

Comet Broom Star / Night Comet

  • Updiast of the power of the following magic

Gravity bullet / star relief / crystal series

  • Reduce the following magic FP consumption

Meteor shower / Rock breakdown / Hyma Oiso / Rain / During the Meteor of Magic / Huge Square / Dropping Magic / Lawleta Large Bow / Lawleta Institute / Curlia’s Large Sword / Curlia Portion / Swirl

  • Ever-revised spread of sorcerous “pyroxene”

  • Downward the power and motion performance of the war technique “frost step”

  • Seal “blood slash” increase in self-injury damage, slightly downward control of power and motion performance

  • Correct the power of the battle skill “Sword of the night and flame” downward

  • Examples of the FP consumption of the war mark “shield of the iron wall” and downward the effect time

  • Adjust the FP consumption timing of the battle “rush of bishop”

  • Adjust the attack power of the spirit body to summoned by the item “the hind sheep of the image” and adjust the behavior pattern

  • Other, adjust the balance of some enemies and weapons