Hanbit Aika Legendary Equipment Gear Core

PC Online MMORPG ‘Aika’, which is served by Hanbit Soft, will develop an event that provides enriched benefits to users commemorate new content updates.

According to Aika, the “Legendary Equipment Gear Core” can be upgraded to the ‘Legendary Equipment Gear Core’, which can attract the ability of legendary equipment, which is the highest grade item, Mount Transform System ‘introduction ▲ Upgrade only Rap expansion and new transcendence skills ▲ Add a new boss monster ▲ Add a new boss monster ▲ The new communication system has been issued a variety of content updates such as the introduction of’ emoticons’.

Aka will develop an event that supports users’ plays, such as’ Find the Legendary Daily Attendance Check ‘, “Finding Legendary Daily Daily Attendance,” Finding Legendary Daily, “

First, the users can access the game after attendance checks on the event page daily during the event period, and acquire attendance coating and buff potion compensation. At the 5th day of the cumulative attendance, a new title compensation for a new content and the traces of the warrior, which are a new content-only item, and the traces of the warrior can acquire new title compensation for the “Legend of Cumulative”

In addition, users can acquire legendary debris and can be applied to events using them. We are paid by one ‘legendary equipment gear core’ to six countries (30 students) through the lottery of the applicable user. ‘Legendary debris’ can be obtained by the Balmara Monsters, and the Balkri’s welcome treatment in the Balhal region, and the Walkrie’s welcome, and the Completed Valkyrie Protection Contents.

In addition, the first time in the first time, the first time we have achieved the highest level, the first time in the first time, the legendary equipment gear core presented as a successful user, and a successful user (lottery) to the Mount Transform. We pay ‘Sky Nobles’ (30 days), which can receive a variety of premium benefits through the lottery of the user who left opinions.

In addition, Aika is also in progress to provide a ’95 level jumping right ‘to all users without new / return / existing user separation and applying “Burning Benefits” to acquire up to 350% experienced.

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One light Soft official said, “I hope that users will feel new changes and fun through a variety of events that go with Aaca’s new update.” I will reward it as an event. “

Aka is the core of a large-scale PVP content, which is constantly unfolding, as a work that won the three sectors in the 2009, and the three sectors, as well as the three sectors. Users play the game as a victory to secure national governance in the game and operate the actual country. More details can be found in a single official homepage (Aika.hanbiton.com).