Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy in Nintendo Switch? Is confirmed, but we still know little

From the transmission of the State of Play entirely dedicated to Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy, the fans have been somewhat confused. In addition to the sensational advance of the game, we have known new information and, this time, Nintendo Switch logo appeared in the official communications of the game.

The official website is being updated!

Hogwarts Legacy State of Play is OFFICIALLY HERE! 14MIN OF GAMEPLAY & MORE!!

This information came to our hands through the official press release of the game: Hogwarts Legacy will obviously be available at Nintendo Switch. In fact, the site has been updated from the state of play of March 18 and the trailer of the game and now indicates a multiplatform launch in the winter of 2022. It will be possible to play this Harry Potter role game on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Some Amazon sites have also been updated in terms of anticipated orders and now offer the game in its version for switch. However, we recommend that you wait for the opening of official anticipated orders (that is, when you announce the different standard, luxury, collector, etc. editions) before buying the game. We tell you this because it surely deserves worth a look at the different anticipated order bonuses that stores will offer.

Hogwarts Legacy in Nintendo Switch: Something good?

The hybrid console is not precisely a beast as regards the greedy graphics of open world games. In addition to Zelda Breath of the Wild, who managed to convince when it was launched in 2017, we must admit that recent games as Legends Pokémon Arceus have had trouble satisfying the visual desires of the players.

It is true that Skyrim or The Witcher 3 have had competent versions for Nintendo Switch, but it is also true that they are games with some time. The arrival of Hogwarts Legacy to Switch is a good thing for all users who have not been able to do with the latest NEXT-GEN consoles or a PC with good components.

Even though the minimum system requirements on PC have not yet been revealed, there is no doubt that a powerful machine will be needed to run Hogwarts Legacy with maximum graphics and FPS. Anyway, the native availability of the role play in Switch will also allow a broader audience to play (and therefore more benefits for developers) and, above all, it will allow the game to be available in portable mode.

As a reminder, Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy still does not have a specific launch date. However, it is scheduled for the end of 2022.