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Visual Novels × Fantadeta Cutical RPG “WHALEFALL” KickStarter Recruitment Start-Works inspired by “FF” and “Mizusho”

Whitethorn Games is a Fantasy World Launched Visual Novels × Tactical RPG “ WHALEFALL ” for Windows (STEAM) / Console (currently unknown), and recruiting recruitment at the Cloud Funding Site KickStarter Did.

This KickStarter is in the form of “ All or Nothing “, and it is funded only if the target amount of 5,935,225 yen is achieved by 2:30 on April 16, 2022. It is possible to support from 5 dollars or more, available at least $ 20, and you can get a launch copy of the game main story, and earn early access at 35 dollars. In the case of writing (0:30 on March 18), 67 backers and support amount are about 601,000 yen for Japanese yen.

This work is a motivation that combines a tactical RPG that is considered to be affected by JRPG, such as the “ Final Fantasy ” series and “ Mizuxen ” series.. Camera work and systems at the time of battle are also inspired by “ Paper Mario ” and “ Blabry Default ” series.

Ancient Fantasy World Osfeld is an elegant swimming of the sky Flying whale falls to the ground only once in 100 years, as a natural cycle. And that valuable whale bones and big disputes will happen. Evil Queen Lucertias “Stone Shield Corps” is the art to resurrection of the empire, and shot down whales with a huge Cannon gun. The newer Cody that lived in peace in Visa village ** is a crashed whale, and it is a great confusing Osfeld, and the imperial will save this world from Lucretia and Stone Shield Corps who will do as long as the truck To do.

The player collects friends in the world of Osfeldo, fights against the enemy, raises the level, and sometimes falling to romance, customizing weapons and items, and you can experience the magnificent narrative of all three curtains while searching increase.

“WhaleFall” also started KickStarter is scheduled to be released in October 2023 for Windows (Steam) / Console.