Agricultural Living Sim “Coral Island” announced. Find someone special on the island surrounded by coral reefs, pasting lifesim

Humble Games officially announced the farm and life simulation “ Coral Island ” on March 18th. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam / Humble Bundle). Furthermore, according to the stretch goal prominent at the time of KickStarter, this work seems to correspond to the PlayStation platform / Xbox platform / Nintendo Switch. The release time is scheduled for 2022, and the English / Indonesian version started early access delivery, and it is said that Japanese will be added shortly.

“Coral Island” is a simulation game with agriculture and life theme. Players are humans who are trying to leave the lives in the city and start a new life. I spend myself in the new world, and I will create an old farm I saw in a dream. Grow grain, take care of animals, and tie nature with nature. Under such circumstances, it is possible to boost nearby towns and coral reefs. And I will build my relationship with the local lively community where more than 50 people live.

The stage of the stage, Coral Island consists of seven areas. In addition to STARLET TOWN, which is the center, there are natural locations such as beach, lake and forests. There seems to be a Lookout where the lighthouse is located, and there is a HILLSIDE where the school is located, where the school is located in the forest, Woodland, where the local carpenters live. The weather and time zone of the island vary dynamically. It is sunny, strong wind, rain, storm day, and snow day. There is also a day and night concept, and it is also possible to adjust the flow of time with the time slider.

First of all, plow the rough land and create a farm. Building any building, breaching any grain, and which animals are raised as they remain the player’s thoughts. There are 75 or more crops that can be grown. A wide range of crops can be harvested from standard vegetables such as carrots and corns. The crops have different seasons that can be harvested. Some varieties may be grown in several seasons, and it may be possible to harvest every day. On the other hand, fruit trees can also be planted in this work. Banana and dragon fruits are 11 days to grow, and can be harvested over two seasons of one year. It will be dead in the off season. Meanwhile, trees such as mango and apples take 28 days to grow and do not wither in off season. During the season, one day can be harvested daily.

For livestock, it is possible to build a bird kiya and a barn. In the bird kiya, you can rearrange peacocks, chickens, quails and ducks, and in the barn, there are many animals such as goats, lama, pigs, sheep, jaco cat and cows. These animals should be brushed regularly and need to feed daily.

In “Coral Island”, the story changes according to the change of season. We spend daily spending daily, and find someone who creates life in the city. Alternatively, you can save the sea, get into a cave full of monsters, and to create a farm perfectly. How to spend is dependent on the player. In addition, while spending the player on the island, it is possible to obtain skill points. It seems that you can get the ability to help agriculture from skill tree, such as harvesting multiple crops at once using

It is also possible to customize itself in this work. Combining clothes, accessories, physics, etc., you can express the figure you want to be yourself. It is possible to buy and customize furniture for the house. In addition, it is also possible to deepen exchanges with residents living on the island. Talk with the residents and retain what you are interested and give a perfect thing to give a heart. There are 20 single persons in the residents who can interact like this. You can build a relationship, grab your heart and find a special 1. Once ready, you can start chapters of life that are farmers. It has also been suggested with the possibility of providing children.

In order to make the island better place, you can join the community’s project and to increase the city. It is also possible to pay the garden for the local people and extend the local museum, and to locate the locals and fix the ruins. If you raise the rank of the city, the community will be more lively.

This work is also available for fishing elements. In addition to caught fish, starfish, squid, etc., crabs are also inhabiting crabs on the beach. Some freshwater fish and seawater fish appear depending on seasonal, time zone, weather, and there is a living thing that can only be seen in summer dawn and winter rainy days. Coral Island was once a wide variety of aquatic organisms inhabiting, but it seems to be decline now. By recovering the eco system on the island, the type of fish may increase, and in some cases, the legendary fish may also appear.

In addition, in this work, diving can also be made to restore coral reefs. Diving spots are one place in the south and north of the island, and it seems to be able to dive until it is as deep as it is searched. By cleaning the seabed, it is possible to protect valuable fish. In addition, if seaweed is collected, it leads to raising the quality of livestock and grain. If the processed seaweed is connected to the NPC laboratory, it is possible to improve either seeds, seedlings, seedlings, feed, or bait.

Coral Island | Family Island

In addition, on the island, two festivals will be held every season. Various events are available such as the Cherry Blossom Festival and the Beach Cleaning. Furthermore, it is said that dogs, cats, monkeys, roses, etc. are pets and they can be played at the farm or relaxing together in the room. Cooking from 70 or more recipes, quests including cut scenes and story lines are deployed, and there are many activities. In addition, the island seems to have a legend of a goddess, human fish and a giant, or a company that makes oil mining around the island, and a large number of developments are waiting in the narrative.

The development of this work is the studio stairway games based in Indonesia. It seems that a team is configured with experts in various fields, such as artists, engineers, developers. It is said that the goal is to be immersed by immersing the player and you have to experience the world, the story, the story, etc. still. “Coral Island” is also created and created a more contemporary and more immersed experience while maintaining the fun of classic agricultural simulation games.

“Coral Island” is scheduled to be distributed in Steam / Humble Bundle for PC. According to Stretch Goal Public Profit at Kickstarter, this work should also correspond to the PlayStation platform / Xbox platform / Nintendo Switch.