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Are there 5 fights in Rune Factory?

If you are a fan of farming simulators, it is quite natural that RUNE Factory is attracted to you 5. It has everything you might wish, from intricate characters to a fishing system. You probably heard that it’s closer to the role-playing game, and you may be interested, there is a fight in it.

Rune Factory 5 Combat Gameplay

Yes , RUNE FACTORY 5 has a rather deep combat system. The main story of the game is related to Dungeon Study , as in previous games of the series. You will also need to go to the combat zones to tame Monsters, as wool If you want to access such objects like wool.

There is seven Different types of weapons that you can use in the game, and several different Party members with which you can unite. There is even Runic ability The system that you will need to master to make powerful attacks.

The game has different settings of complexity , so if you do not like it or you are not interested in more complex fights, try the simplest settings. In previous games, Rune Factory was easy to move in battles if you prepared properly in advance.

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