BVB Flop Ciro Immobile writes story with gate

At Borussia Dortmund, he once failed, at Lazio Rome, Ciro Immobile has finally entered the history books: On Monday, the ex-BVB professional succeeded in a fulminant gate record.

When Ciro Immobile moved from FC Turin to Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2014, it accompanied great expectations.

Rich 18.5 million euros of BVB moved to Italy for him. With the black and yellow real estate should come into the footsteps of Robert Lewandowski, who migrated to FC Bayern.

But everything was very different: real estate felt privately and Dortmundy never in Dortmund. Only 34 games he completed in BVB Dress, Magere Ten Hits Get him.

Departure from BVB, short guest game in Spain

In 2015, the Borussia on a lending, the FC Seville, in early 2016, the firm commitment and a lending back to Turin went over the stage. The following summer Vekhauften the Spaniard real estate with millions loss at Lazio Rome.

There, the attacker finally found his luck, the liaison with the two-time Italian master became the absolute success story. 23, 29, 15, 36, 20 – Immobils hit yield for the Romans in the series A reads breathtaking.

Ciro Immobile wird bei Lazio Rom mit BVB-Trikot begrüßt | Stürmer zum Medizincheck in Rom

Also in the current season, the now 32-year-old is again at 21 goals.

Goal Record for Ciro Immobil

Being last, the winning goal by penalty to the 1-0 against the FC Venice, was a very special, namely the 144th in the league for Lazio. Immobile crowned himself to the new record scorer of his club and repressed the legendary Silvio Piola in this statistic.

“This is an association full of history and fame. It consists of great champions, I have taken something from all,” Immobilize commented his record hit.

An outgoing departure of “his” club is no longer in question for the once in the case of BVB so grand poker.

“He will stay at Lazio until the end of his career,” Announcers Alessandro Moggi announced “Radio Marte”. Immobil’s current contract in the eternal city is still running until 2026.