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Discover 13 minutes from the day before the gameplay

A new horrible mmo

The Day Before - Exclusive Official Gameplay Trailer
Horror is a traditionally missing genre from MMO. While the more traditional MMOs that have been plunged into the genre, like The Secret World, have received a mixed welcome, others who have abandoned most traps of the RPG, like Dayz, have little more successful. The Day Before is trying to succeed where other horror mmo attempts have failed.

The story sees you wake up in a world you do not remember, forced to fight to survive as you try to find out what happened and find safety. Usually in a genre where most NPCs are content to let you do the dirty job, you will explore places that none of them dare to go, returning to the colony to sell loot and communicate with other survivors.

There was a lot of buzz for the game, and with newly released gameplay, it’s easy to understand why. The images show some characters exploring the open world in vehicles, engaging in fighting and exploring abandoned buildings – including a farm where they participate in a single puzzle resolution.

Although it is not necessarily a single premise, it seems that The Day Before could very well fend for itself. Environments are well designed and interesting, and there are many small touches that allude to superb invisible mechanisms. The farm at the end of the section has an alarm that the player fails to disable before attracting the zombies, and the tall herbs that surround it could lead to stretched fighting. The fact that other cars also arrive, brings the player and his companion to get sheltered in a nearby bunker – does this could be the view of The Day Before on the guilds, with different Colonies attracting different players in the running for the same resources?

What we know is that The Day Before has a lot of potential, especially given the popularity of the open world zombies game Days G1. Could it be up to the media hype? Steam lists the game like “Coming Soon”, so we hope not to wait too long to know it.

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