Zelda, Skyrim and more: 13 games that talk to you extremely long

Again, games that are not only very good, but also long. In which 13 adventures you can bleed a lot of time, you will learn in the following picture line.

13 games for patient gamers

28 hours for Demon’s Souls, 30 for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and 40 hours for Cyberpunk 2077 – Most games can be easily played through in a few days or weeks. But there are also some video games that do not press in such a “narrow” time frame – so, especially RPG fans are used to invest more than 100 hours in their virtual excursions.

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But there is still a crass: for some video games, you even need the 400 to 3,000 hours to completion. With the help of HowLongTobeat.com we have made you a picture line, which shows you in which games you can linger very long.

Click here for 13 video games for which you should plan extra a lot of time:

EVERY 3D Zelda Game Completed

And, how many of the mentioned games have you already been through? Preferably your shorter games or time-conserving adventure? Write us your opinion in the comments on Facebook.

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