SC Paderborn: Stadium receives new name

The Players of the SC Paderborn have to get used to something new from the coming season: at home they will no longer be incurred in the “Benteler Arena”. However, the East Westphalia do not move to a new sports game.

To the new season Paderborn plays in the “Home Deluxe Arena”

Benteler Arena - SC Paderborn 07 - The World Stadium Tour

Rather, the SCP with the online retailer “Home Deluxe” from Lübbecke, which sells articles for home and garden, has been able to engage a new native, which “signed a corresponding contract for ten years”. These gave the Paderborner known on their website.

Thus, the arena of the Ostwestphalia is now “Home Deluxe Arena”. The initial commitment of the company from the region makes the SCP07 happy. “We are very happy about the long-term partnership with a company from Ostwestfalen-Lippe. The term is also an indicator of the value that the name right is already enjoying our stadium,” emphasized Managing Directors Martin Hornberger (SCP07) and Josef Ellebracht ( Paderborner Stadion Society mbH).

According to “Home Deluxe” managing director Alexander Thoss, this fact also had its share: “We identify 100 percent with the region.”