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NEW WORLD: Patch Notes to March Update

After a small shift, it is on March 30, 2022: The big March update of New World brings adjustments, bugfixes as well as new content in the form of the hot expected expedition “Heart of Stormwind” and the new weapon thunderbius. Even before the patch goes live, you can watch the patch notes of the update “Heart of Madness” in detail. We show you briefly and just under the highlights of the patch.

Highlights of March Update 2022 in New World

  • New endgame expedition “Heart of the Stormwind” for level 60 players with armor between 550 and 570. It continues the main action around the dangerous Isabella and offers the final confrontation with this villain.
  • The new weapon thunderbench: This ranged weapon sets as a kind of shotgun garnet launcher with its two talent trees either on maximum damage from close proximity or AOE attacks from the distance.

  • Collects paintings in the world: two easels can be found in each area. If you take the pictures, you can place the appropriate panoramic image in your house.

  • When reducing wood, plants and ore, you have the chance of elementary particles, talers and diamond plaster as a prey in the future.
  • Player regenerate outside of fighting hompatches and mana. Food effects are stronger outside of fighting.
  • Collisions between players were removed in open world, expeditions and invasion.
  • New bosses in the open world: The hunter Stinky in Webermoor, oracle bone (appears everywhere and must be defeated quickly, always drops a named weapon) and various yetis in the ice desert of the deep ravine.
  • The status “crushed” was removed in the outdoor item tower. Players now die immediately when they have 0 health.
  • Players who give up a house get back half the original purchase price.
  • Only one group member must be at the entrance of an expedition – the rest can be entered from anywhere in the world.
  • The Expedtionboss Simon Gray has got its own boss design.
  • The main action gets solo tasks that allow you to advance the story without having to complete certain expeditions.

Isabella as an endboss of the new endgame expedition of New World: Heart of the Stormwind. In the update “Heart of Madness” it comes to the final fight. Source: New World

The patch notes to the New World Update in March 2022

Further information as well as detailed adjustments and revisions for the update “Heart of Madness” is available in the patch Notes on the official site of New World. Are you looking forward to the update? Or Leave New World (Buy Now 39.99 €) now cold? Borrores us in the comments under this article!

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