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No more: New World removes collision query between players

If those among the MMO fans have remained something to the launch of New World, who participated in it. Then that may be the absolute chaos with the boss fighting in expeditions. More specifically: the sheaving and crowd of melee heroes in a melee range of a boss. There it had more with happiness than to do with skill to meet the Ki opponent with the attacks. And why? Because New World has a collision system between players. This ensures that you can push other heroes Aeternum in front of you… the next cliff down. Small joke.

What may still be funny in the open world, and essential for the feeling in the PVP, especially in narrow instances. Where… with the March update for New World (Buy Now 39.99 €) it annoyed the longest time. Because the developers of the Amazon MMOS screws at the collision query between players.

Collision between players disabled in certain situations

That it is interesting in the feel and fame and is sometimes important that there is a collision query with opposing players, we do not argue. Passionate Destiny Fans, for example, will remember the graduation: In the tower, for example, the game collision is deactivated, except you are in a fire team. Because otherwise it would only cause murder on the assembly line at the many places in the tower, in which rushes outstanding in the pixel death, would be intended or unintentional.

In New World it is again difficult with many melee weapons in expeditions to the boss when many carefroms play in your team. And that’s why fresh from the patch Notes to March Update from New World:

  • Collisions between players
    • Collisions between players were removed in open world, expeditions and invasion.

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At least outside most PVP content, the slide is now a thing of the past. Because this can significantly change the fame in parts, at least if you come through a strong area populated by players or if you have already caught tactics, as you just push the buddies in expeditions and invasions, we wanted this information highlight again. The March Update for New World will be released on March 30, 2022.

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