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CALL OF DUTY: Activision would be preparing a payment subscription that will be presented soon

It is likely that this news will shake the Call of Duty players tremble. After the announcement of a payment subscription for Grand Theft Auto 5 with GTA +, it is now the Activision Turn, who also seem to want part of the cake.

It has been through of a new job offer published by the publisher where we have caught them: Effectively, Activision seems to be preparing a payment subscription service p ARA the Franchise Call of Duty, who would arrive with The provisional name of cod 2.0 .

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Activision Prepare a payment subscription with COD 2.0

Although the subscriptions are not really new in the world of games, they are not always good, as we have been able to see recently with the announcement of GTA +. However, “who tries nothing, nothing has”, and that is what Activision wants to demonstrate with COD 2.0 .

Through its work publication, that unfortunately has already been eliminated, we were able to read that the giant was looking for a marketing manager that would be responsible “-administering a world-class influence program that will expand the global scope of call of duty “.

In addition, in this same ad, a phrase especially called readers’ attention.

If you follow the news of Call of Duty , you know that 2022 still promises a lot of content focused on licenses and , therefore, the announcement of activision mentions that “2022 is a Exceptional opportunity for Call of Duty, with an extraordinary variety of innovations. In addition to offering “_Exieces, multiplatform gameplay, subscription content, mobile games development and an evolution towards a community of players always active and connectivity.”

According to the statements of the study, This new subscription will be called COD 2.0 and aims to extend the Call of Duty brand to attract more and more audiences.

At the moment, Nothing has been confirmed or denied by the editor , nor do we know what we will find within this subscription 2.0, but we can imagine a whole range of exclusive cosmetics in the game, cod points , and more. Something very similar to the current Fortnite system with its monthly subscription.