Chris Rocks joke in the Óscar was improvised

As time passes, more and more information about the incident between Chris Rock and Will Smith in the Óscar is disclosed. In this way, recently has been revealed that the joke that started this chaos, was totally improvised .

According to The Wall Street Journal, who spoke directly with the producers of the weekend ceremony, the Chris Rock joke, which is mocked on Alopecia’s disease that Jada Pinkett Smith suffers, was not rehearsed prior to the event, There was not a message on the Telepróninter that indicated its existence. That is, this was a 100% work on the part of the comedian.

During his statement, Rock apologized for the joke of him, but he did not mention the improvised thing that was the comment of him . Considering that this has been one of the most amazing television events of recent years, it is very likely that this is not the only piece of information of this kind that is made known in the coming days.

On related topics, Jada Pinkett Smith talks about this case. Similarly, Chris Rock has benefited from this incident.

Editor’s note:

Will Smith Smacks Chris Rock After Oscars Joke

While it is true that most comic presenters write their material for the Óscar, it is usually reviewed by production. In this way, the responsibility fully falls into Chris Rock on this occasion.