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Wow: The 10 most difficult bosses in history in World of Warcraft

The search for the most difficult boss in the story of World of Warcraft is a search as complex as interesting. In this article, we first offer you the 10 most difficult WOW bosses, followed by a more detailed classification of the most difficult 20.

WARNING: We only mentioned in this article the Heads of the Subsequent Era to Cataclism, what we call “the modern era”. Forget about C’thun and others. The incursions of the time were also often very different from the current ones in their progress, which made it almost impossible to measure the difficulty.

The 10 most difficult bosses of World of Warcraft

10. Black fist

  • RAID: Black Rock Foundry
  • Expansion: Gentlemen of the Draenor War
  • Position: 10th boss of 10

Top 10 Hardest Raid Bosses of All Time in World of Warcraft [Reforged]
* 325 attempts

It was mainly the second and, of course, the third and last phase of the fight what turned Blackhand into one of the toughest bosses in the modern history of World of Warcraft. He is one of those heads in which instinctively thinks when you remember the difficulty of PVE after cataclysm and for a good reason: it is the perfect example that cohesion and communication are more essential than ever in the high level game.

For the small anecdote, Paragon, the second largest guild in the world at that time, needed 667 attempts to beat the boss. More than double the world first!

9. Lady Jaina brave

  • RAID: Battle of Dazar’Alor
  • Expansion: Battle by Azeroth
  • Position: 9th Chief of 9
  • 347 attempts

Jaina is one of those bosses that many players remember as a relatively easy chief. However, before the many nerfs of her, she was one of the toughest bosses in the history of modern games and personifies by itself why the magician frost is such an odious specialization in PVP. All PVE players now know what PVP players have been spending for years.

The battle of Dazar’alor was also a very easy raid. Most of the difficulty was the Maga of the Alliance, with some difficulties encountered beforehand against it ally of her gnome of her.

8. Queen Azshara

  • RAID: Eternal Palace
  • Expansion: Battle by Azeroth
  • Position: 8th Chief of 8
  • 357 attempts

The meeting with Queen Azshara is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular. The mechanics that are offered are really as innovative as hard, which makes Queen Naga in one of the most formidable heads of World of Warcraft’s story. Even the best guilds in the world had immense difficulties against it.

The Eternal Palace was not an extremely complex RAID in general. However, Queen Azshara was just behind another particularly difficult boss, Za’qul, who went to test many guilds, which makes this series of difficult bosses quite difficult.

7. Halondrus the claim

  • RAID: Sepulcher of the first
  • Expansion: Shadowlands
  • Position: 7th Chief of 11
  • 358 attempts

The monstrous mechanical crab, 7th boss of the sepulcher of the founders of 11, has been able to with all the guilds that were coupled with him before the Nerfeo: they all had immense difficulties since the meeting was not only extremely punitive mechanically speaking, but also required a disconcerting amount of care. He is today one of the most fearsome leaders in the history of the game, but also the most appreciated.

For the record, Halondrus is not the only memorable boss of the tomb of the first. In the Top 20 of more difficult heads (below) there are no less than 3 bosses of this band. It is made: To date, the tomb of the first is one of the most difficult raids of World of Warcraft!

6. Fallen avatar

  • Assault: Tomb of Sargeras
  • Expansion: Legion
  • Position: 8th Chief of 9
  • 454 Attempts

This was the penultimate chief in the tomb of Sargeras and is still considered one of the strongest heads in the history of the game. Unlike many other bosses, it was difficult to predict many elements of the meeting, which made progress against him very random and therefore complex.

As if this were not enough, he was also preceded by complex heads. Difficult to complete, progress in this dungeon was particularly difficult for this reason.

5. Archimonde

  • Raid: Citadel of Hellfire
  • Expansion: Draenor
  • Position: Chief 13 of 13
  • 472 Attempts

If there is a boss that all the best guilds in the world remember from the Warlords of Draenor expansion, he is undoubtedly archimonde. Of course, not only because he was already famous before this incursion, but also because he was the first boss to be technically so complex.

4. Ragnaros

  • RAID: Firelands
  • Expansion: Cataclysm
  • Position: 7th Chief of 7
  • 500+ Attempts.

Oh, Ragnaros… His first version of the melted nucleus had already proven to be formidable at the Vanilla era, but he paled compared to his true form in firelands. In heroic mode, the meeting had the particularity of lasting more than 20 minutes, so the players had to stay concentrated throughout this time without dying.

This is mainly what made this boss extremely complicated and memorable, so much that even Paragon (who obtained the World First) stopped counting the amount of attempts after a certain point. Therefore, we do not know accurately how many took place, just that there was at least 500!

3. Garrosh infernal scream

  • Raid: Siege of Orgrimmar
  • Expansion: Pandaria
  • Position: Chief 14º of 14
  • 631 attempts

Garrosh was, like Ragnaros, one of the longest RAID enemies in the modern history of World of Warcraft. With a duration of more than 15 minutes, he tested the players for 4 phases (including a dedicated only to heroic mode) with increasingly complex and painful mechanics. He still considers one of the most difficult chiefs in Wow’s story at least for the duration and damage of him.

two. Kil’jaeden

  • Assault: Tomb of Sargeras
  • Expansion: Legion
  • Position: 9th Chief of 9
  • 655 attempts

A true icon of the ardent Legion in the same way as his brother from him Archimonde, Kil’jaeden has distinguished himself as one of the most formidable heads in Wow’s story. In fact, he was one of the only end headers (during the modern era) balanced so that it was mathematically impossible to kill. The healers could not provide the amount of healing required, which forced some guilds to abandon progress while waiting for a solution.

It was only after some corrections that Archimonde’s brother could have been revealed relatively quickly by various guilds. Despite this “error”, he remains until today one of the most popular heads of World of Warcraft for the incredible mechanics he offered.

1. Uu’nat, vacuum herald

  • RAID: Pot of storms
  • Expansion: Battle by Azeroth
  • Position: 2nd Chief of 2
  • 731 Attempts

All those who played the Battle for Azeroth expansion have heard of Uu’nat, but how many have tried to defeat it? Very few, so few that even the best guilds in the world withdrew. Uu’nat was the second and last chief of a “little Raid” that acted as an intermediate between the battle of Dazar’alor and the Eternal Palace. From nothing, but expected impatiently by history fans, he offered two bosses of power without equal. So much so that the two are on the top 20 of the most difficult wow heads, and that they combine almost as many attempts to get the RAID World First (933 for 2 bosses) as the two previous raids accumulated (1166 for 17 bosses ).

Uu’nat, however, has labeled the spirits little. No guild who was not at the top of the classification in each region wanted to rubbing even with the first chief of the storm pot, so most of the players have greatly forgotten about this RAID, which was considered “secondary” “. However, they are still some of the most powerful bosses in the history of World of Warcraft to this day.