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I did not see it, but now we can see that we are confirmed by Corona 19 in one of the five people in Korea. Despite the inoculation to the third, there are many circumstances that are a lot of breakthrough infections.

If the symptoms are more weak because it is a lot of weaker than the first, it is rare, but it is best to avoid it, but if it is best to avoid it, I will have to worry about the private lifestyle.

This April also prepared a “Skywalkers ‘” article recommended by Skywalkers & Parts’ article, which allows you to check your computer estimates consisting of a variety of parts.

Skywalkers is a long period of time, and you are looking for answers to the inquiries of gamers in the estimates of IT Inbend’s quotation boards, and you are responsible for additional questions about the quote or any questions. We share a variety of hardware information based on the experience of IT professional blogs and are working as a recommended quote author for IT cardtory.

Based on the desktop and interest in hardware ‘Computer recommendation and parts of this month, we expect to be able to get a lot of help when purchasing a new computer, or if you have a questions about parts do.

It is also difficult for the component combination used in computer estimates, the manufacturer of preferred parts, the price versus performance and utilization of the product, and utilization of the product. Leaving opinions is that you are welcomed at any time, but you ask your behavior to avoid damage to the writer with aggressive remarks and trafficking attacks. thank you.

Hello Skywalkers.

Unlike these corona cities, the graphics card is almost out of the graphics card. Since last month, the price goes down, but now it is not a stabilization stage to grab the place. In addition, RTX 3090 TI, the RTX 30 Series, RTX 3090 TI was also released last month. Recently, the next generation RTX 40 series news is also listening to one of the following, so if the official announcement comes out, let me mention it again.

The CPU also announced the new Ryzhou 5000 and 4000 series processors from AMD last month, and is ahead of the launch of this month. Among them, the most interested CPU is a 5800x3D. This will provide a high level of performance with the first Lyzhr processor with AMD 3D V-Cache technology and announced that it will be sold at $ 449.

It starts sales from April 20 and has 96 MB of cache memory to see the same or slightly prior to the Intel 12900K. It is a concern that it is a concern that a general consumer is not seemed to be easily obtained due to limited production. Still, the game bench results are quite curious in that you can see the performance of the next generation in advance.

There are some unbeatable gold, but the main streaming of the 4000 and 5000 mainstream desktop processors will be sold from April 4th to once. It seems to be subdivided to the 12th generation Intel’s main streamweight to cope with the family of four. The price seems to be fairly aggressive. Depending on the bench results, the fierce mainstream product family is likely to be a fierce battlefield.

Among these families, the performance of 5600 is the most wondering. It seems to be interesting to watch how much performance of 12400F, which will be a direct competitive dealer.

Intel also announced flagship CPU 12900ks. It is possible to purchase from April 5, and recommended consumer prices start at $ 739. We offer up to 5.5 GHz, and you can see that you have a new option that can be more enhanced by a third of the previous 12900K sorry for the work of the previous 12900K.

The fierce competition of two CPU manufacturers makes consumers entertain consumers. It is now scheduled to launch an external graphics card in Intel. If the VGA continues to be fierce competition like CPUs, it is expected that the environment to be able to purchase better performance products can not be made in a less time.

This month’s estimate configuration has not changed significantly with the last month except for out of stock products. The current graphics card price of the quote and the current graphics card prices are widely used to make the current graphics card, and the graphics card in the quote will only be checked and the amount should not be careful.

■ Office composition

From 3000 g of Athlon, which was low in last month, it has been in this month and priced a lot of prices and consisted of 4650g returned to the price of the initial price. In the case of Athlon, the price of the current price has been climbed so much Merit fell. 4650g can provide a pleasant environment even if you have a 6-core 12 threaded product, view the Internet window, viewing video, watching images and documentation at the same time.

Intel’s office composition has no difference in general or advanced or last month. Office General is the 12th generation Celeron G6900 and H610 chipset configuration. Memory is suitable for use in 8 dual channels and 16 GB to use Internet surfing or document jobs.

It is the same 5600g Sergin composition last month. 6 Core 12 I would not be the best product to do a lot of dedicated 3-based APUs on a thread 3-based APU. The price of the price is on 260,000 won last month, so that the caustic cost is better.

The same G7400 Elder Lake Pentium Gold and H610 board with last month. 2 Core 4 Threads and UHD710 CPUs with built-in graphics. It is also a good idea to consider Considering the current distribution situation of the Pentium Gold Lineup and the 10th-generation i3 or 12th generation I3 12100 built-in graphics suite.

■ Configuration for game

From this month, 5600X remains as it is, and the memory was made up of 3600 MHz XMP tuning and B450 main board.

Last month, graphics cards were RTX 3050, but they have consisted of 6500XT this month due to the price rising due to stock. In the case of graphics cards, 3060 is currently in charge of 500,000 won and 3060 Ti is also falling from 600,000). Laton 6600, Radeon 6600, is a situation where 6600 XT was formed in the early stage of 600,000 won, and the option of the Performance family that was difficult to construct for it for a while. In the general use, you can choose 3060 TI to Maximize the product line above the Max.

The same 12th generation Intel I3 12100 and H610 board combination with the same last month. If you only see the game performance, you can see that if you are not a game that supports more than 4 core, it is a highest combination that is similar to the top i5 12400. As mentioned earlier, graphics cards are available up to 3060, 3060 Ti, 6600, and 6600 XT.

It is similar to the last month, but the memory was changed to XMP 3600MHz tuning ram to increase the caustic ratio. In the case of graphics cards, 3060, now the price of the upper product groups falls rapidly, and 3070 or 3070 TI and Radeon are also said to consider 6700 XT. At present point, 3070 is the opposite of 800,000 won, 3070 Ti is 900,000 won in the second half, and 6700 XT is a price in the early half of 800,000 won.

It is a 6-core 12 thread 12400F and B660 mainboard and 6600XT combination that boasts the best caustic costs among Intel 12th generation. It is a system that can be configured in a similar performance similar to the product in a direct competition with the 5600x of AMD in advance AMD. Graphics cards are also available to flags. As mentioned earlier, the graphics card may be selected from 3070, 3070 TI, and 6700 XT.

8 Core 16 Thread Inn 5800x and GeForce RTX3070 and 3200MHz 16 Dual Channel 32-Gypsy Memory Combinations. It is a configuration that shows excellent performance in the game as well as the game. In the case of 5800x, the price is falling from 41 million won last month to the opposite of W300,000, The graphics card consisted of 3070, and the current 3080 is 1200,000 won, and the 6800 of 1200,000 won is 1.2 million won,

The graphics card has been combined with 3070 in the same 12600K based on the same last month, and the motherboard was configured as a Z chipset. Memory is also configured with XMP 3600MHz tuning ram to increase performance. It is also considered to consist of a high clock tuning ram of 4000 MHz or higher. The graphics card will also broaden the option with 3080, 6800, 6800 XT, as mentioned earlier.

■ High-end configuration

12 Core 24 The B550 motherboard with a threaded R9 5900x and a durable power supply, and the default 3200MHz 16 is a dual channel. The graphics card consisted of 3080, but the current standard 3080 TI is in the mid-15 million won, 6900 XT is the situation in which the price is in the early 1600,000 won. You can also choose this part of this part.

The same 12700K and Z690 mainboard combination with last month. The graphics card consists of 3080, but it is also a good idea to increase to 3080 TI or 6900 XT as mentioned above.

How to CORRECTLY choose your PC Parts
■ Configuring Workstation

16 Core 32 Thread Inn Ryzhou 9 5950x and 32 Giga Memory, PCI4.0 NVME SSD and RTX 3080 TI combinations.

Deep Leaving and Hard Graphics and Video Works and Multiple Broadcasting of Content Creators are also the best configuration.
The graphics card also shows the RTX 3080 TI, which is a flagship, and demonstrates a high performance in deep and hard work. When Zen 3-based threadedripper was nothing to do in CES 2020, it is a situation that will be released when it would be released. This configuration seems to keep this configuration until the product is released.

The same Intel 12th generation of the last month is the 16-core 24 thread (8C / 16T + 8C / 8T) I9-12900KF and 3080 TI-based configuration.

You can see that a game is a configuration that can expect a high level of performance or a high level of performance. Since the launch of the previously configured cascade Lake, it has passed a lot of time, but it is difficult to comply with the recently released product, and it is likely to maintain this configuration until the 12th generation high-end core X series is released..

I would like to finish the recommended quote in April 2022.

The graphics card price is running, and the difference in the amount of time at the time of the quote and the current article was created. Refer to the quote configuration to see the graphics card selection paper further widening.

This month, AMD’s 5800x3D and 5000 burrs, 4000 new lineups are released and the Intel’s flagship CPU Core i9-12900KS is also available. It seems to be the last victory before going to the next generation. April is expected