New World: Heart of Madness ist live – mit Story

Already yesterday, on March 30, 2022 at 23:00, the live servers of New World have gone offline for a maintenance phase, so that the Amazon Games developers can implement the new Update “Heart of Madness” . Of course, the Realms are already live for a while again live and all Aeternum heroes can look forward to a number of exciting innovations.

Finaaaaaale (and new expedition)

Among other things, you expect the last chapter of the current main story where your Isabella is pursuing back to the Bruchberg. The last task “The heart of the Stormwind” gets you from Yseult Meredith in the “Mountain Home” outport in Bruchberg. For the last encounter it comes in the new expedition “heart of the storm wind”. In the official announcement it says:

_ “Tracks the storm wind through the capital of Düsterheim to a corrupt dimension of reality. Discovers the secrets of Isabella’s past, while you further praise your corrupted world of thought._

The heart of the StormWind is an endgame expedition for 5 players. It is recommended for players with level 60 and armor between 550 and 570. “

A blast! The thunderbench

With the new patch for New World (Buy Now 39.99 €), the Amazon developers also expand the weapon arsenal of the Aeternum heroes. What the thunderbush has on the box, you will learn from the following trailer. Here is the short version: The thunderbreak is a ranged weapon that provides you with high mobility and powerful damage for a short and medium distance. It is the first weapon scaling with strength and intelligence, making it a good choice for rackets or magicians.

More highlights of the March update

  • No more: new world removes collision query between players
  • Collects paintings in the world: two easels can be found in each area. If you take the pictures, you can place the appropriate panoramic image in your house.
  • When reducing wood, plants and ore, you have the chance of elementary particles, talers and diamond plaster as a prey in the future.
  • Player regenerate outside of fighting hompatches and mana. Food effects are stronger outside of fighting.
  • New bosses in the open world: The hunter Stinky in Webermoor, oracle bone (appears everywhere and must be defeated quickly, always drops a named weapon) and various yetis in the ice desert of the deep ravine.
  • The status “crushed” was removed in the outdoor item tower. Players now die immediately when they have 0 health.
  • Players who give up a house get back half the original purchase price.
  • Only one group member must be at the entrance of an expedition – the rest can be entered from anywhere in the world.
  • The Expedtionboss Simon Gray has got its own boss design.

  • The main action gets solo tasks that allow you to advance the story without having to complete certain expeditions.

The official patch notes for the March update of New World

Heart of Madness New World March Update is HERE & Its Amazing!
If you want to inform you about all innovations, we recommend the very extensive, official, German patch notes from Amazon Games . By the way, the developers with the March update also adapted the shop content. You will learn more about this in this review . What does it look like: Are you looking forward to the new update?

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