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New Update in New World lets the neighborhood hope – “What a wonderful patch”

In the new dungeon heart of the tornado wind, what the tale is concerned ultimately to the huge face-off with counterpartin Isabella, which obviously additionally holds normal whole lot for the last video game of the MMORPG.

** Heart of Madness is the name of the largest patch, DenNew World has actually previously obtained. He brings a new dungeon, a brand-new tool and also some basic enhancements.

** The biggest update for the MMORPG New World has ultimately been there. It brings an entire bunch of enhancements as well as a new dungeon, which transforms to the endgame.

The highlights of the new update are, alongside the dungeon:

A thorough summary of the dungeon and also the tool as well as an overview on whether a return is currently being rewarding offers you MeinMMO editor Alexander Leitsch.

  • The new tool “Thunderbuch”, which depends on tool to near distance and also scales with intelligence.
  • Some quality-of-life enhancements and also changes.
  • New Loot for the Endgame.

What brings the update accidentally? Not unusual for New World, but still worth stating, the update likewise brings brand-new insects into the MMORPG again. These are mostly restricted to slow-loading appearances or strangely-looking running computer animations.

Some gamers also report bigger problems with delays, particularly in the battle. In our own examinations, we might not discover that up until now. The trouble with the structures occurred in the direct test only in a couple of locations.

You can see one of these insects right here:

The state of mind in the area is very positive after the update, too, since there are a lot less insects than some been afraid, particularly good, new attributes.

Nonetheless, the fans were prepared for something or worse. Before the spot there were already warnings in reddit. A player also said “believes of tuning to get your things out of the market, which collapses again anyway.”

“This is by far the very best update”

Outside the energetic gamers, however, the update does not appear to have actually arrived yet, at the figures of the energetic players has actually changed only really a little a little (by means of steamcharts).

In general, there is little adverse responses to the update, just concerning the just stated lags in the battle grumble some gamers. Individuals go that will certainly be fixed quickly. So the update seems to be a success for the programmers, and a wish for the community.

** At the area in the Reddit, the update is actually good. Specifically the new weapon is a large highlight for lots of.

But the dungeon additionally comes really well with the followers. He appears to be fun to be testing at the very same time as well as also really satisfying. A player created on Reddit that he could drive nearly a completely brand-new, better armor from the heart of the Stormwind someday.

WHAT TO EXPECT ON PATCH DAY! | Official March Patch Note Review | New World
Below you can see what you can do with the thunderbench so:

What do the gamers say? As regards the basic state of mind in the Reddit strings of New World, this is currently extremely favorable. As a result, we would love to say some fans at this point.

  • Jacob_Kemp composes (by means of reddit): “This is by much the finest update. Many quality-of-life modifications, a new tool and also an inventive dungeon, where the sound team has actually rocked correctly again. However do you have more delays because the spot? “
  • SUU-WHOOPS through (Reddit): “If you have not made the brand-new dungeon, there’s right there! He is definitely stunning and the most stunning dungeon I have actually ever before seen in an MMO. He’s a lot fun and also is still tough. […] I have been playing the patch for 5 hrs as well as I enjoy him previously. I hope we do not discover very big insects. “
  • Lito-1 is also delighted as well as discovers a great deal of appeal (through reddit): “I draw my hat from Amazon.com! The new dungeon brings actually good loot, has motivating auto mechanics as well as is visually spectacular. If this is an appearance at the future of New World, the future will certainly be great. “

That’s great if you play an additional MMORPG next to New World. Since MeinMMO editor Alexander Leitsch claims, “It’s dumb to play only a single MMORPG.”

He brings a new dungeon, a new tool and also some general enhancements. The largest update for the MMORPG New World has finally been there. Not uncommon for New World, yet still worth mentioning, the update additionally brings brand-new pests right into the MMORPG once more. ** As concerns the basic state of mind in the Reddit threads of New World, this is presently really positive. What do you assume so far from the update in New World?

What do you believe up until now from the update in New World? Have you already played or do you desire to look in the MMORPG again? Which attributes do you want for even more updates as well as what would certainly be it, to make sure that you actually actively return to Aeternum? Write us in the comments here at Meinmmo.