A seas who is dedicated to all players from “Rainbow Six Seas”

The encounter of the author and the “ Rainbow Six Sease ” was “Xbox One Great Thanksgiving 2015”, which was held in Tokyo in September 2015. I often remember that she thought that “it looks difficult” in indoor battle that I do not understand well. The year end of the year, she was purchased with my friends while saying, “I’m going to do a new FPS soon.” The friend got married this year.

Speaking of the FPS at that time, there are many titles with a relatively casual respan, such as “BattleField Hardline” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” (both released in 2015), and for the first time you purchase PS4 / Xbox ONE Isn’t there a lot of players that FPS were this two series?

It is “Rainbow Six Seas” that appeared there. The main axis of the indoor war of the area placement is mainly, there is no lipone, and using the map directly, the map is directly used, and the width of the strategy is spread and driven. Such hardcore features feature, it would be difficult to look as it looks, but he will experience death many times like a game.

On the other hand, it was also a fact that the number of dies that repeated deaths will increase the hand to the other party. This work will be fun as knowledge and trends will be more likely to make sense and manage to make a unilateral shooting, making a unilateral shooting, making a unilateral emblay, making it carefully, and the more knowledge and trends will increase.. Season 1 “BLACK ICE” and the author who was attracted to that attraction was dedicated to this work and chased with heat.

“Rainbow Six Seas” will be 7 years this year. In this paper, we want to look back on the 6-year trajectory. The new player is a sense of looking at the textbook of history, and it is nice to have an enthusiastic player feel nostalgic. And the player who has put this work and the distance is hopefully, I want you to touch this game again.

Bleed unbreaked from before release

The establishment of “Rainbow Six Seas” dates back to June 2014. Ubisoft Press Conference, which was held at E3 of that year, was announced as a new work of “Rainbow Six” series for a long time along with “Far Cry 4” and “The Division”.

In the video that became unveiled, it is drawn how to rescue the hostage in the old map “private house”. Excluding fine parts, such as breaching and objects, it can be seen that the basis of this work is firmly inherited, such as raids and dolones using a bleeding charge or a dolone.

“Rainbow Six Seas” was then released on December 10, 2015, after release postponement and several tests.

Cost of 63 individuality operators

In this work, a total of 20 operators were implemented at the beginning of the release. At the time of ear 7 seasons 1 (in the following, Y7S1), 31 attacks and a total of 32 defenses, 63 people, and more than three times more than three times. This work separated by one year in four seasons has added two operators for each season to Y5S2, and the meta meta (such as fashion in the battle in the game) has changed.

A particularly significant change has been made to be a black mirror that can be viewed unilaterally with the black mirror, and Lion (Y3S1) that can sense the position of moving enemies in real time. In particular, Lion is an OP (Over Powered / strong), and the ability before weakening was that the outline of the body of the defense operator was red and overlayed. The attacking side is a major goal to explore the position of the defense operator, but a dokkaebi (Y2S4) who hacked the enemy reconnaissance device and AMARU (Y4S3), such as enclosure, and an operator suitable for an urgent attack also increased significantly.

There are also 5 V5 tactical shooters that are balanced, and their character adjustments have been made at any time. One of them is kapkan. Initially, the enemy was killed (or injured) without trapping the enemy, but at that time, the laser of the trap can be visually recognized, and the total number of traps was reduced by the maturity of the player. Receiving that, the laser became unchanged, and the damage of the operator itself was adjusted to 2 at deactivation. Currently, weapons (9×19 VSN) may be equipped with 1.5 times site, which is an easy-to-use operator. In addition, a plurality of traps can be installed in one door, and the situation was able to create a situation that immediately, as it was released as follows.

Besides this, TACHANKA, which was loved as a neta character of the main work, has been reborn in the form of a rework. The DP27, which was fixed LMG, was a main weapon, given a Schmilalancher that emits the grenade as unique ability, and gave a role to stop the enemies like Smoke (related articles).

In addition, we are also adjusted using weapons, such as a 2.5-fold site (formerly ACOG) from the guns held by the defense side. Currently, the defense side is not allowed to equip the ACOG site (2.5-fold site) to prevent the attack side entry-mailing, is not allowed, and at most 2.0 times the site. A weapon that can be equipped by 2.0 times site is also slightly slight of Rook MP5 and ACS12 such as ALIBI.

It is a site with such a history, but in Y7S1, a repetition of all sites was performed. This released all the same bounds as the site they have. After all, the equal double site was released. There were also weapons that can only be equipped with specific soil sites, but this time there was no limit by this repair. Sitors that were only wearing SPSMG9 (CLASH side arm) etc. are also born in various ways to choose freely.

And, an operator (common name: hardburea) that can destroy the reinforcing walls essential to this work increased. At the beginning of the release, only Thermite was more than four people (Thermite · Hibana · Maverick · ACE). However, the latest operator is not strong. Thermite maintains the advantages that can open the reinforcement wall large. On the other hand, although the latest ACE (Y5S2) has the advantage of opening quickly, its size is unobtrusive and well differentiated.

Not only the item “hard breaching charge” was added as a subgadget (a general-purpose item of the same position as a flag grenade or a bleaching charge). This is something that destroys the small range of the reinforcement wall and opens the dropout. BUCK (Y1S1) or ZERO (Y5S3) can be selected. It can be said that the approach to the reinforcement wall has changed significantly.

In recent years, it is conscious of game balance and competition, and operators have been added to one each season, and in Y7S1, the third Japanese operator “AZAMI” was implemented. AZAMI is a defense operator that produces a broad-resistant “KIBA barrier”.

AZAMI is a great feature that can be closed by the first “hole” in this work. The attack side can block the broken wall and the destroyed wall, which allows you to adjust the position of yourself and friends, and from a distance from a distance. Since it is possible to generate a more powerful barrier in proportion to the amount of knowledge of the map, it can be said to be an operator like “Rainbow Six Sid”. It is an existence that is a game changer that is suitable for the beginning of the seventh year.

Increased map · Changed map

Similar to the operator, many additional and reworks (map renovations) have been made. Currently, the map pool is different for each game mode, and the rank match is as follows.

Among these 14 maps, maps that have not been reworked and renovated are surprisingly “Consulate” and “Villa” (strictly, detailed adjustment of objects is done, so it is released There will be no exactly the same map from the beginning).

By adding an operator, both the playback spread and the width of the play is large, and it is not enough to be a large foot, and a powerful map is actively adding to one of the opposing maps in terms of competition.

“Oregon” that is familiar with the competition scene is also a narrow hallway and entry-mail connecting the east west of the second floor, and the width of the standing around with offense is narrow, but it seems that the battle will occur everywhere. It was.

At the same time, the problem of visibility was also gradually improved. In the beginning of the release, there was day and night in the map, but at night, it is quite beautiful, such as the lack of lunch and the implementation of the laim light that leans the outline of the enemy player, and the implementation of the enemy’s outline. It is an easy-to-see game.

As a player, it is nice to have a change in the map due to the reworks, and it is sad. One of them is “private house”. This map, which is also a tutorial of this work (formerly: Situlation mode), is a relatively compact, and there were many players used for warm-up in the training area (old: terror hunt). However, it becomes widely complicated by rework, and it can not be used as a warm-up.

Good news for such players. “Team Death Match” added in Y7S1. This is a mode specializing in shooting and literally specially serves to the stage of 75 kills, and will work to the gunfight until it reaches 75 kills or 5 minutes of the time limit. It is also useful when you want to warm up a rank match or try a weapon.

Also, recently, Euby Isofu has been keen on the rework of existing maps, but Y7S1 has added a full new map “Emerald Plane” for the first time in three years. This map set in England’s Country Club is characteristic that it combines classical and modernity. It is a long time since the establishment of the competition, but I would like to pay attention to whether it appears in the competition scene.

As an aside, “Bartlett University” existing in the game from the beginning of the release is still handed out. When is the spotlight hit?

Rainbow Six seas ranked

# Various event modes

This work has been actively held for a limited time arcade mode in addition to the basic quickmatch (formerly: casual) and rank match. The pink operator is implemented in accordance with April Fool’s Pink Operator Fancy “Rainbow Is Magic” or Warm Warm Gulden Gun, “Golden Gun”, a year once a year Various things, such as “Road to Si” implemented to meet the tournament.

Some of the Operator’s dreams, Team Death Match and “Rainbow Six Extraction” There were also things that can be taken with the prototype.

Some of these unique modes are planned to be perfused as weekly after Y7S4. Mode to play casually will increase and will be more friendly to the game.

It also introduces battle path. Starting with the mini-battle path delivered in October 2019, the battle path is introduced every season, and the new operator is canceled by purchasing the battle path at present (if the battle path is not purchased, 2 from the new operator implementation 2 A week after a week can be purchased with fame · R6 credit).

And cosmetic items are also fulfilling. A team of teams active in a competition scene called R6SHARE is also sold, and a Japanese team skin has appeared. 50% of sales is returned to the team, so I’m glad to be cheering.

Besides this, unique skins collaborated with Netflix drama “Paper House” and anime “Rick and Morte” are also being sold. Of course, there are a lot of cool skins in battle paths and alpha packs that can be obtained with a certain probability.

# Competition scene that shows excitement

The competition scene is also popular. Especially at the World Convention “Six Invitational 2019”, what the Japanese team “Nono Union” shines to glory of the World Best 4 is that it is not only the competition scene of “Rainbow Six Sid”, but also the history of Japan’s e-sports scene It was an event that could not be removed.

While the Lowter of the wild union at that time has been scattered, there are also players who are still active as active players. Last year, “Rainbow Six JAPAN LEAGUE 2021 (RJL2021)” sponsored by the NTT DOCOMO is held, and the level of the Japanese competition scene was greatly improved. Last year, Cyclops Athlete Gaming (CAG) has achieved the lack of defeated victory, but “RJL0222” held from March 2022, “SCRAZ (formerly Zepto)” who played professional from amateur to CAG Suddenly, the deployment of detachment is occurring, such as adding black stars.

Global E Sports Team FNATIC and PSG ESPORTS, which is a famous Paris Saint-German in the Soccer Club, entering the Japanese Raster, the benefit of the X-MOMENT that created the foundation of the eco system of this work Depending on the competition scene in Japan, the competition scene in Japan will continue to develop significantly.

Of course, the competition scene outside the country has also changed significantly. G2 ESPORTS Legend Player “PENGU” retirer, including the retirement of “PENGU”, and the EU is the end of the EU. Last year, the Latin region team has gone a big leap, and the Latin team, such as Team One Esports, won the International Convention on FAZE CLAN and Team One Esports, and was called Latin’s season. It is obvious that the APAC region to which Japan belongs also has the overall level, such as the Korean team DWG KIA won the best 4 at the first world tournament.

Domestic league patterns are X-MOMENT official channels exclusively distributed, and the World Tournament can be viewed on the Rainbow Six official channel. Let’s feel free to see.

“Seiz” takes the next step

As I said here, after 6 years of age, we have evolved a large evolved “Rainbow Six Seed”. Y7 to take the next step is likely to be a yearly year to go to junior high school from elementary school. Y7S1 shows many new elements, such as team death match implementation and fully new map “Emerald Plains” for the first time in three years, but these are only one end and various measures are carried out throughout the year.

First of all, in Y7S2, a team death match-only map, shooting practice area (shooting range) is implemented, and TIPS “operator hints” also implemented with video specific elements and drones, and TIPS “operator hints” also implemented in an easy-to-understand manner. It will be d1. You will be able to easily understand what kind of ability to know has any abilities.

In Y7S3, a renaming match called “Rank 2.0” is also performed. Supervised rank match has only reached the highest rank charm, but this seems to change, operator cards and lower charms. It will be content that can be challenged with high motivation.

And the long-awaited cross-play cross progression (sharing of progress across multiple platforms) is also scheduled to be Launch at the end of Y7. It is a nice news for the player who migrated from the console to the PC version.


In a long time, there may be players who have been separated from this work once in a long time, a change in life, employment, life. However, I hope that you want to remember when you are doing “seas” good.

Sometimes it may be defeated by meaningless rays or plants, and painful, and bitter memories. On the other hand, the game is turned over with a ridiculous play, the enemy is enclosed in a perfect collaboration, and it should have been happy with his friends and pleasure, and pleased memories.

Sometimes I try to start, and I would like to touch the “seeds”, which continues to grow, such as the change of the map and nostalgic, and the new operator, such as the new operator. I hope this article will be the opportunity.

“Rainbow Six Sida” is on sale for PC / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE. It also supports XBOX / PC Game Pass.