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Column: Why a too long WoW World First Race is not good

In the last races to World First in Wow there was always a duel about the victory: Method vs Paragon, Method VS Limit and Meanwhile Liquid VS ECHO. The guilds behind it were mostly far away. Echo could now decide, 2022, in the mausoleum of the first day 18 the race for themselves. And for the first time, the co-favorite Liquid could not direct directly.

How Liquids RAID ladder Max explained , raided over four weeks, with partly 16-hour layers, too much to the players. They broke the tents prematurely and needed a break until it went on two days later. This time not from the event location, but from home. The World First Race just took too long. And even if fans want to see a long, epic race, a marathon to World First for several reasons is harmful.

The problems of a too long World First Race

Comments on Limits Interim Demolition show that players have a somewhat distorted view of the apparently “well-paid professionals with infinite a lot of money and time”.

The wrong idea of a WOW top raider

First, you have to take spectators the illusion, Wow-Profi Raider at the Race To World First are something like professional footballers who drive to the World Cup. Participation in a football world championship can never be predicted in time (maybe you come to the final, maybe you leave in the group stage). The criticism of Liquid was that the players should have prepared better. Contracts for location, moderators, technology, flights and and and would have just had to be calculated for more weeks. However, the comparisons to other sports and events are huge.

The Race To World First in WoW Has Changed... For The Worse
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I have not seen any Football World Cup at which every team is lasting on the spot for weeks of 14+ hours a day. Teams have partly days break, Wow Raider not. And then there is the wrong idea of the status’ the professional raiders in the eyes of many viewers. The top 5 teams have now supported sponsors and organizations. But that does not mean that players all covered with it and is available for events infinite a lot of money.

or do you think a Razeq of Liquid earns enough money with his twitch stream and some subsidy of Liquid? Anyone who is now riding and “natural,” says that I have just thought up the name Razeq and nobody with This gamer’s day plays at Liquid. _ so_ known these players are , and accordingly, their streams away from World First Races. Many have to take for the World First Race holiday from their normal work. Two weeks is still fine. But especially for US guilds who sometimes have no paid holidays are three and more weeks just not in it – apart from that, the entire holiday for several World First races should be harved?

If the race can only be tackled by one or two guilds, because it lasts three weeks or more, the race becomes boring. So we have the choice: a longer World First Race and always the same winner , or a shorter race and thus more tension , because more guilds have the chance to play up. I tend clearly to the latter.

Nobody wants the lonely top favorite

Let’s stay with the football comparisons. Do you know what happens regularly in more and boring leagues, in which the same team will always be exhausted duration master? The league thinks about fairer distribution of money, it is discussed about play-off modes for an exciting championship fight and long-term spectators do not take the title fight anymore. Something could happen to the Race to World First, if only two guilds can afford as long as so much time to invest.
Previously, the players of Echo and the banner of ECHO. Already at that time there were only 2 favorites on the World First Throne Limit and Method. Source: Nobody wants to see Echo lonely at the top, just because the players can make halfway to live from WOW and therefore can put them in a World First Race a month. Viewers want an exciting race to World First. For this to be given and as long as it still exists quasi only two or three guilds who can afford to pay their Raidkader, the race will never be exciting. That can not be in the sense of Blizzard. Because nothing is a better advertisement for World of Warcraft (Buy Now) as the game to see a month in the top 5 of the mostly charted games on Twitch.

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