Pokemon legends: Arceus – comes the new top

On the support of Pokémon Home, players are waiting for legends: Arceus for months. An insider now reports that the feature should be rolled out this month.


At the end of February, there were already the first leaks suggesting that on an introduction of Pokémon home for the two remakes and legends: Arceus is being worked – Now the integration of the cloud service could be near .

Samus Hunter, known for Nintendo-Leaks, assumes that there will be a corresponding announcement in April, as the corresponding update is planned for the Pokémon games for April. For a long time Pokémon fans will no longer have to wait for the new feature.

Pokémon DataMiner find information on home support

Anyone who wants to transfer Pokémon between different editions accesses the Cloud Service Pokémon Home. The service allows you to change your pocket monsters from a Pokémon game to another, or to swap against other Pokémon.

For switch players, however, there is a small problem: Neither Pokémon radiant diamond / luminous pearl nor the new Pokémon legend: Arceus support the top feature currently . But that could change soon.

As DataMiner @mattyoukhana_ reports on Twitter, there is some new code lines in the new version, which suggests that home support for both games can not be waiting for a long time:

“BDSP ver. 1.2.0, which has just been released, adds a few interesting things… Legends: The Arceus sign of origin is now displayed for Pokémon, which come from this game. The time travel award is now complete and has a picture! Home transfers confirmed / imminent? “

_Pokémon legends: Arceus brings many innovations. Which ones are, you see in the official gameplay video: _

How serious are the clues?

The Decision - Adaman or Irida Pokemon Legends Arceus
That both the two Pokémon Remakes as well as Pokémon legends: Arceus Home Support is received, has been no secret for a long time. Already during a Pokémon Direct presentation last summer, it was known that both Pokémon offshoots are unlocked in the course of the year for the use of Pokémon Home – only the exact time was not fixed yet.

However, since already evidence of integration has come to the daylight, it is well possible that an announcement of the new function is imminent . This year’s Pokémon Day, who is to take place on February 27, 2022, would offer itself for a corresponding presentation.

An official message from Nintendo does not yet exist yet. We also keep up to date.