PS Plus Revolution Official: All information about the new subscription

Since December last year, rumors are reduced by a restructuring of Sony’s Services PS Plus and PS Now. essential advantages is now the official confirmation of how the subscription models will change in the future.

Germany-exclusive to essential advantages: We were able to talk to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan about the merger of the models and can give you another important information about the new service.

PS plus subscription in the future with 3 options

Do you currently have the choice between PS PLUS and PS NOW, both games subscriptions in future merge PS plus Essential , PS plus extra and PS plus premium . Below you will learn what advantages of which animal or what rank offers and also the prices you need to expect monthly, quarterly and annually.

PS Plus Essential

Essential is short-mentioned PS plus, as you have known for years and offers the following advantages:

  • 3 monthly “free” games: 2x ps4, 1x ps5
  • Online multiplayer
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Cloud storage

What happens to my old subscription? If you currently have a PS plus subscription, is automatically after the conversion PS plus Essential member. The price for membership does not change.

Number of “free” games: From the official press release that essential advantages is present, although it is all available in PS plus Essential only two additional games per month, but we have been confirmed that the current model was confirmed (2 + 1) is retained. Sony looks the monthly PS5 game more than bonus.

PS plus extra

On stage 2, next to the advantages of Essential, an extensive catalog of PS4 and PS5 games awaits you, which you can download and play.

  • All essential advantages
  • Catalog of 400 ps4 and PS5 games

Information about the PS4 and PS5 catalog: According to Ryan, the catalog will pass to start about 400 games. Among them titles like God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Returnal and Death Stranding. In the coming months, more Sony Exclusive and of course also follow Games by Third Party Publishers.

PS plus premium

On Level 3 you get, as the name already says, the premium subscription with all the combined advantage of PS Plus and PS Now, as well as further advantages.

  • All essential advantages
  • Catalog from PS4 and PS5 games
  • Catalog of PS1, PS2 and PSP games
  • PS3 catalog via Cloud Streaming
  • PlayStation Library via Cloud Streaming (except PS3)
  • Trial versions of AAA games

The PS Now-Hybrid: With a premium membership, you will at the same time get the full extent of PS Now, can accommodate about 740 games both as well as stream. The latter is not possible only with PS3 games due to technical limits.

No information about the Game Trials: Another, for many players and players safe big advantage, are trial versions of large Sony Exclusive. What games are included, how long the playing time is and whether the system is equal to EA Play an early access access, Sony wants to answer later later.

When does the new PS plus service start?

According to CEO Jim Ryan Sony Plant the start of the three PS plus models currently for end June 2022 . A concrete date should be announced at a later date. Of course, essential advantages keeps you up to date.

What happens to my PS Now-Abo? Sony will be limited to the new PS plus-abomodell in the future. How the conversion of existing subscriptions will also be communicated at a later date. It is conceivable that existing subscriptions are converted to PS plus premium months.

Are PS-Exclusives come to the release in PS Plus?

Unlike Microsoft with the Xbox Game Pass, PS Plus came only occasionally smaller games like Destruction Allstars or Bugsnax for publication directly into the service. AAA Exclusives, who are playable to release with a membership, will not exist in the future according to Jim Ryan .

Strategic reasons: That games like God of War Ragnarök do not come to the service in the service, Ryan establishes so important economic circle for Sony PlayStation, which according to the CEO consists of three irrefutable columns: a unique hardware (including dualsense), Strong exclusions and an interesting service offer. To integrate AAA games to the release in the service, the columns would mix and so also cause what Sony continues to be an option.

It is also interesting that Ryan addresses the price-performance ratio: for 10 euros per month (PS plus premium / 12 months), subscribers should receive a strong and attractive offer. For comparison: The Xbox Game Pass costs annually on the month also converted 10 euros. Sony pulls the same priced here.

What about Third Party Play? Whether games of EA, CAPCOM and Co. to the release in the service hiking, but Ryan did not exclude.
Here comes to the deal between Sony and the respective developer / publisher.

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In the coming days we will present you more interesting excerpts from the interview with Jim Ryan on essential advantages.
But until here: What is your opinion about the new PS plus service?