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WoW DragonFlight: Does Blizzard already jell the new extension of WOW?

Actually, Blizzard Entertainment did not want to announce the new enlargement for World of Warcraft on 19 April 2022. But apparently, the developer studio has already accidentally accidentally ** the name of the add-on; Corresponding hints have recently been found in connection with the official website.

WoW Expansion LEAKED | Dragonflight | Content Speculation + More!

Is DragonFlight the next extension for World of Warcraft?

As shown in a report of the magazine, Blizzard Entertainment recently launched an updated version of the World of Warcraft official website. In its source code, a closer examination can be found in a closer examination of some hints on the name of the next WOW add-ons. Accordingly, this is good World of Warcraft: DragonFlight .

In the source code there are some lines such as “WoW DragonFlight Base Prepurch” or “WoW DragonFlight Heroic Prepurch”, which indicate the offer of multiple versions of extensions . These are likely to bring different bonuses and extras ** such as special mounts, pets and special ingame objects. However, there are no further details in the source code so far. Meanwhile, imgur has even emerged a blurred image that probably shows a first artwork of World of Warcraft (Buy Now): DragonFlight.

How credible is this leak?

Since the information comes directly from the official website of the online role-playing game, it seems like being sure that DragonFlight is actually the name of the next add-on of World of Warcraft . Rumors around an enlargement with dragon theme have already existed some time ago. According to then speculation, not only dragons, but also players Housing and new play classes await you. At the latest on 19 April 2022 we are likely to be a little smarter in this regard if Blizzard Entertainment makes the cat quite officially out of sack.

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