RETURN TO MONKEY ISLAND: Adventure game set gets continued

Anyone who has already gambled computer games in the 1990s was barely passing the “Monkey Island” series of Lucasfilm Games. The story about the wannabe pirates Guybrush Threepwood is one of the largest hits of the point-and-click adventure genres to this day. On the 1990 “The Secret of Monkey Island” was followed by four continuations. The last one appeared in 2009 under the name “Tales of Monkey Island”. Now fans are allowed to look forward to another offshoot.

In 2022, with “The Return to Monkey Island” the official sixth part of the series goes to the start. This recently betrayed nobody less than standard creator and developer legend Ron Gilbert’s most strongly on his own Grumpygamer.com website. For his announcement, Gilbert chose April 1, 2022 and solved a promise that he already gave in 2013. “Should I ever do another ‘Monkey Island’, I will announce it on a first of April,” tweeted the creative head of the Adventure scene known for his sloping humor at that time.

Ron Gilbert SCHART original team around yourself

Eine betörende Gouverneurin | Monkey Island 1 mit Etienne & Simon #02
Gilbert also takes over the leadership as a director and author for his latest prank. He can support himself from his longtime companion and co-author Dave Grossman, with which he already wrote the first two “Monkey Island” games as well as “Tales of Monkey Island”. To develop the development of the title Gilberts Studio Terrible Toybox, which has already implemented “Thimbleweed Park” implemented in 2017 via Crowdfunding. The publication takes over the Publisher Devolver Digital and Lucasfilm Games.

Feeded fans are likely to be happy about the return of Dominic Armato, who lean the title heroes Guybrush Threepwood in all parts of the series his voice and that does this again. With Michael Land, Peter McConnel and Clint Bajakian, the original composers of the series are back with the game, which together contribute to the soundtrack to “Return to Monkey Island”. There is not a concrete appointment or details about the content of the game yet. A teaser trailer you find above this message, but already delivers a first foretaste.