Brawl Stars: Tier List of the best Brawlers in Solo Survivor (April 2022)

What is the best Browler? Which Brawler choose in solo survivor on brawl stars? If you ask yourself these questions, you are in the right place. Our Tier List brawl stars of the best brawlers in solo survivor is there for you! Whether it’s better with body to body or distance, dps, support or rather tank, your BROWLER will take you to victory… or to defeat. Knowing how to choose it is very important!

Even if these ranks make it possible to have an order of idea of the Brawlers to be preferred, everything depends on the map on which you play. The best characters are not necessarily the same depending on whether there are obstacles or not.

_ Tier List Updated April 05 2022 _

This Tier List brawl stars is based on the efficiency of brawlers during different situations in solo survivor. What is the best brawler of brawl stars? We give you our answer, up to date of the latest updates and the latest equilibrations of the game.

(V26) ALL Brawlers RANKED from WORST to BEST | Pro Tier List
Latest modifications :

  • Some balances according to the stats in play of the different brawlers.

Our selection

They do not necessarily have the best victory statistics at stake, but they are very interesting for your adventure. Here is our selection for Solo surviving mode:

Jessie is a very good time investment for your adventure on Brawl Stars. Shelly is accessible quickly and very easy to use, which can be convenient. Darryl is also quite simple to play in solo survivor. Finally, Ash and Eve are simply the best brawlers right now.





Tier D

Despite this list of the best brawlers of brawl stars in solo survivor, it is important to take into account your own feelings. Even with the best brawlers, if you do not like playing it, you will have trouble winning.