Call of duty

Reporting, Call of Duty could add NFT

CALL OF DUTY is one of the largest franchises in the history of entertainment and has won innumerable dollars during its almost 20 years of history. Not only sells tons of copies annually, but has also prospered with monetization in the game. At the beginning of the 2010 decade, the franchise would admit each entry with DLC paid seasonal packages that would allow people to obtain new maps, weapons and more. After that, Activision made the transition to booty boxes and battle passes. Now, it seems that Call of Duty is trying to follow another new trend that is being opened slowly in the game industry.


According to privileged information Ralphsvalve, _ Duty: Modern War_ The Infinity Ward developer is looking to add more personalization to activision accounts, which distinguishes players in the game. Ralph added that Activision is also currently investigating the implementation of NFT in Call of Duty, but did not explain how. Whether through avatars and business cards for a player’s activision account or through masks or more remarkable elements in the game, it is still to be seen. It seems that it is still very in the air and there is no guarantee that it once happens. We communicate with Activision to obtain an official comment and we will update this story if we receive an answer.

At the end of last year, Ubisoft tested the NFT waters with Ubisoft Quartz. It started with a cosmetic item in a Ghost Recon game, but the reception was largely negative, of what Ubisoft realized. Since then, Ubisoft has remained silent about the future of service, so it is not clear whether it will remain compatible. The team behind acosator 2 was also criticized by announcing that I would do Nft, but the reaction was so strong that the developer canceled his plans. At the moment, it seems that the players are not widely adopting the NFTs, which could dissuade activision from implementing them in Call of Duty.

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