LOL: The Kings crown before atheris in the division of honor

Yesterday we had the final of the Honor Division, the most important tournament of Mexico of League of Legends, where the atheris squad against The Kings in a match at the best of 5, where only one could go victorious and take the presentation home to show who is the one who commands in the north.

atheris is a Mexican team founded by the Streamer away “Alk4p0n3” Leyva and the Franco Squamilla comedian in his desire to venture into electronic sports, starting with Rainbow Six and entering League of Legends recently gave a very good season In the regular phase of the Mexican Regional Tournament upon first being, demonstrating that it is an ambitious project that has a future.

On the other hand the squad The Kings formed by 2020 by its owner Pablo “The King” Mendoza in his quest to create a competitive team that reaches the first division and forming new talents for the region, with a bitter swallow Last year where they were defeated by Team Aze at the end of the closing tournament, now they look for the maximum crown within the region to point to the ascent.

The first game of the series began with aggressiveness for both teams taking a Viktor in the hands of Gilberto “Zerks” Pablos looking to win the central lane with this wizard of control but in front would have a veteran player known as Sergio ” CotopaCo “Silva that with a Ryze managed to keep the line and support his team, the game seemed a couple at first, however, the shadow of Julian’s warfare” Mataz “would do havoc during the fights For objectives, getting your team will start climbing to achieve a golden advantage that would end up giving them the first victory.

The second meeting was planned for an early game in favor of atheris giving his jungle Rafael “Candy” Díaz a Lee without, despite seeking early aggressiveness against the kings, the serpent team did not generate Any pressure, on the other hand, The Kings opted to answer the strategies raised by his rival with the Cotopaco combo and Mataz using the shock wave along with the avalanche of the shadows respectively, they put atheris in a rather bad position, in an ambush where they managed to punish candy , the team of the kings put the nexus down and took the second point in their favor.

Honor Explained - League of Legends

At a point where defeat meant saying goodbye to the championship, Atheris had to put everything in this game to look up to lengthen the series, surprising García’s “Mayhem”. This was not possible because Alvin “Limationss” Alvarez due to the feather storm that saved his life, looking for a start game with advantage in favor of the kings Mataz took a Lee without that would be a key player in the team plays along with the Rakan of Alejandro “MUN” Pineda by using the grandiose entrance and the pronouncement to discolocate the rival, with a baron who could not answer the snakes due to the pressure of Super Minions In the central part, the team of the kings finished the meeting to obtain the supreme monarchy within the ddh.

After three games where The Kings showed that they had a very chord preparation to achieve the championship, the team of the kings will now be preparing for the closing tournament looking to repeat the feat of this split and looking to get the pass to Promo / relegation To be measured before the best of the regions in the search for promotion to the lla.