The 15 best deals of the week in PS5, PS4, Switch, Xbox and PC (8

discount every week, the time hdiscounte to review in Meristation the best possible offers in the digital console portals PLAYSTATION , Xbox , Nintendo Switch and PC . They are tens. The titles with sections in the digital stores of the main platforms, so finding bargains is not always simple. Our goal with these articles is that you can identify high quality titles at very low prices; Those promotions in which the value for money is indisputable. This week there are a few opportunities the sea of interesting. We are going to review 15 of the best deals currently available at PS Store, Xbox Store, Eshop, Steam and Epic Games Store (Weekend from April 8 to 10, 2022).

discount you can see below, Sunset OverDrive for 4.99 euros is an opportunity, just like Halo: The Mdiscountter Chief Collection, with a 60% discount. If you like Naruto, you have all the full saga (the four deliveries with all its additional contents) of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm for 13.99 euros in PlayStation consoles.

Какую консоль купить в 2022 году (PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One X)

In Nintendo territory we have chosen Dragon Ball Fighterz, Moonlighter and Descenders, the highlight of the Rotation of ESHOP offers for the prices in which they stay. Finally, in PC we highlight the 50% discount from Sea Thieves in Steam and 75% discountsdiscountsin’s Creed Odyssey discount at EPIC Games Store. And you, with what do you stay?

Best Deals of the Week at Xbox (Xbox One and Xbox Series) – Xbox Store

  • Quantum Break for 9.24 euros (75% discount)
  • Sunset OverDrive for 4.99 euros (75% discount)
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps for 9.89 euros (67% discount)
  • Fable Anniversary for 7.99 euros (75% discount)
  • HALO: The Mdiscountter Chief Collection for 15.99 euros (60% discount)

Best deals of the week at PlayStation (PS4 and PS5) – PS Store

  • NBA 2K22 for PS4 for 19.59 euros and for PS5 for 24.74 euros
  • A way out for 7.49 euros (75% discount)
  • discountsdiscountsin’s Creed Unity for 8.99 euros (70% discount)
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy for 13.99 euros (80% discount)
  • Lego Harry Potter Collection for 17.99 euros (55% discount)

Best deals of the week in Nintendo Switch – Eshop

  • Dragon Ball Fighterz for 8.99 euros (85% discount)
  • Moonlighter for 4.99 euros (80% discount)
  • Descend for 12.49 euros (50% discount)

Best Deals of the week in PC (Steam, Epic Games)

  • Sea of Thieves for 19.99 euros (50% discount) – Steam
  • discountsdiscountsin’s Creed Odyssey for 14.99 euros (75% discount) – Epic Games Store