New World

Popular MMO will be free for a short time on Steam

Do you already have something on the weekend? The MMORPG New World will be temporarily free. So that’s your chance to explore the mysterious world of Aeternum. Various quests and a whole lot of Loot await you!

NEW WORLD: Explore the MMORPG for free

As Publisher Amazon Games proclaimed the official Twitter account of New World, you can play the extensive online role-playing game for free for free :

From 7. April to the 11th of April are available to you all the contents of the MMORPG, including The brand new content-update Heart of Madness. The latter complements the campaign for a final story mission. There is also a new weapon that will also be waited by you.

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So if you have been unrecisorable to the popular online role-playing game 39.99 euros ** is to be sold, you can now get an impression of New World.

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Unclear future: Is New World in the end soon?

In New World, as a shipbreaker, she explores a freentic island, combats all sorts of creatures, join a group and runs extensive trade.

The concept initially came outstanding and punctually to release the servers were massively overloaded. The peak achieved New World a month after release and in October 2021. There were at a time more than 900,000 users at the same time online. But since then, the active community has shrunk significantly. Meanwhile, around 20,000 users New World play.


New World: Mega Update 1.5 is finally released

Daniel Hartmann

The “Free Weekend” event should revive the dwindling MMORPG and old hare backed back in parallel with the new content (“Heart of Madness”). So you can see how the number of players will develop over the coming weekend and how many players hold the game afterwards.

The steam community is currently cleaving what is concerned with the state of New World. So the game has over 190,000 reviews only a “balanced” user rating .