FC Bayern: Kahn-Son provides excitement

When dad says something, then that’s done!

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Thus, at least probably David Kahn thought, when his father Oliver Kahn admitted a parking lot before the game of Bayern against Augsburg.
But then the Kahn had made the bill without a guards folder: because the parking lot nobody belonged less than Manuel new.
And then the Kahn-Sprösslung had to change.
The big son of Oliver Kahn came with his own car, a black Audi A3.
After the Titan-Sprössling engaged in the wrong VIP parking lot, a folder shot directly to another parking space.
This reports the ‘picture’.
At the duel of the record champion against Augsburg, family party of the Kahn was announced.
Board boss Oliver Kahn (52) came with the whole clan: In addition to father Rolf and Mother Monika, his wife Svenja and the children were there.
The Kahns saw a happy and lackluster 1: 0 of her team.