Sixth away win in Series: Neubauer

The ascension aspirant from the Saarland caught the better start, but the SVE missed several times from Kevin Koffi and Manuel Feil several times out of a promising position. The only chance of hosts aykut Öztürk awarded a beautiful single action.

Ivan Krastanov v Kevin Koffi Illueca WAKO World Championships 2019

Neubauer solochlauf as knot release

Even after the side, the favorite guests remained the better team. They were rewarded for their dedicated occurrence in the 59th minute by a solo of Maurice Neubauer. The left-parted defender raised the ball only about his opponent before he left two more defenders and completed ice cold into the short corner. Only seven minutes later Valdrin Mustafa recalled a point-accurate cross of the pre-pushed Robin Fellhauer, providing the 2-0 final score.

Steffen: “We want to recapture the spreadsheet in Balingen.”

SVE coach Horst Steffen is satisfied with the “margin” on the Youtube channel of the SVE. Addressed to the yield of six points (3: 1 against Aalen last Wednesday) he replied: “With the results you can not complain.”

With the knowledge of how closely the race around the rise is this season, Steffen also notes that his team can play “still better soccer” and must be in the coming weeks, because “every point we can omit, another club will want to exploit. We do not want to leave any points and recall the spreadsheet on Tuesday in Balingen. “

Ulm still has more three points in the account in a game.