And over: appointment for the end of Bethesda

Since the beginning of this year has been known that the Bethesda Launcher will soon be held its service forever. However, there was no concrete date for the end. This detail has now betrayed Bethesda Softworks and at the same time published a detailed FAQ. We provide you with the most important information .

When does the Bethesda-Launcher set the service?

How Bethesda Softworks announced is April 26, 2022 The last day at which you can use the launcher for starting your Bethesda games. On April 27 , the migration of the Bethesda Launcher with Steam takes place. The corresponding process you have to start manually, an accurate guidance for this process will follow shortly. However, Bethesda promises that the migration process is very simple, you only have to follow the instructions on the screen.

What happens to the wallet and the savegames?

You will be able to assume everything in conjunction with your previous account of bethesda.net . This also includes your wallet and your Savegames . The latter, however, take a special role: For some games, it will be necessary to manually transfer the stored scores. In these cases, you will continue to need your Bethesda account.

Does the Bethesda Account disappear?

Your account at Bethesda.net stays with Steam even after migration. Many games and services require such a account, namely, to work properly. Incidentally, in this way, your access to certain services, mods, skins and exclusive news will also be preserved. Further details on the migration can be found in the FAQ section of Bethesda.

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