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New World: Server will be merged

New World is composed of many different servers with own economies. But due to the relatively small maximum number of about 2,000 players per server, it can quickly come to leaving a flourishing world suddenly and stops without a population. For this reason, the developers at Amazon Games have already merged in the past server (therefore made a good filled from several relatively empty worlds. Now it’s time again: Which servers in the EU on which German-speaking players are on the road are affected by the merger? The developers have given insight in the official New World Forum. Below you have the overview!

These servers of New World will be merged

Central EU

  • Asgard, Hades, Hellheim, Fae and Caer Sidi become part of Abaton
  • Styx, Antillia, Utgard and Learad become part of Aaru
  • Lyonesse becomes part of Nysa
  • Bifrost, Niflheim, Bengodi and Cor will be part of Tir nog
  • Arcturus is integrated in Tartarus


  • Yaxche, Krocylea, Frislandia, Calnogor and Pyrallis are part of Valhalla
  • Eden is recorded in Maramma
  • City of Brass is then part of Castle of Steel
  • Olympus is then part of Orun
  • Oceana, YS, Zuvendis and Pleroma become part of Orofena


  • Midian, Rivadeneyra, Diranda and Neno Kuni are merged into Yggdrasil

New World Server Merges Inbound


  • Lerna lands in Utopia
  • Lagado lands in Delos

NEW WORLD: What happens to a server merge?

For players of a server taking a smaller, nothing changes, except that there are new players. But if you play on a server that is integrated into another, territorial property and ongoing contracts are no longer preserved. But all characters, companies, houses, gold and owners remain for the affected players.

When is the server compositions in New World?

The mentioned server merger will be in time 15. April 9:00 am until the 16th of April 9:00 take place. During this time you will not be able to access these servers. Are you affected by these measures? Or do you explore Aeternum content on other servers that have a merger already behind?

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