Cold War Antarctic Adventure “South of the Circle”, 11 Bit Studios to a PC or more. A story that draws weight of life

Publisher’s 11 Bit Studios announced a PC / console version for an adventure game “ South of the Circle “, which is the stage of the Cold War era Antarctica. The corresponding platform corresponds to Japanese with PC (steam / gg.com). Release timing is undecided. Also, the details are unknown, but for overseas, a release of Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One has also been announced.

This work is a title released for Apple ARCADE in 2020. 2021 Apple Design Award “Joy and Enjoying” sector and the 24th D.I.c. E. Cae to Mobile Game of the Year ‘s “Mobile Game of the Year”. Although it has been released only with Apple Arcade, a flat-rate game service, it will be able to own the game by porting for PC or the like.

“South of the Circle” is an adventure game that is an emphasis on story. We will search for maps or choose the choices of conversation along the story. In addition, this work is a theme of “weight of life”. It is said that a story that sways a shaking story is drawn between various emotions, such as built career, love to loving people, and the wish to play past promises.

The stage of the story is Antarctica in the 1960s. Peter who teaches at Cambridge University will visit Antarctica for investigation, but his plane crashed. His past memory is invoked to be distressed and asking for help. While remembering love with his university colleague Clara, we noticed the weight of promise that has been overwhelmed in his life. He also realizes that the cause of the crisis situation was themselves.

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Developer’s State of Play to develop this work. It is a studio established in 2008. In 2015, a puzzle adventure game “Lumino City” adventurous the world of handmade miniature has started winning an art award in the UK Academy Award Game Division, and fulfilled the winning / nominated at various awards. The manufacturing process that works hard is also published in the iOS application “The Making of Lumino City”, and it is carefully introduced how to get closer to completion from the early stage of production.

“South of the Circle” establishes unique art styles by combining simple and beautiful graphics and delicate and realistic motion that utilizes motion sensors. In addition, as a cast to play the character, the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Mr. Olivia Vinall, Mr. Anton Lesser, such as Olivia Vinall, Drama “Game of Sloanes”, etc. It is appointed.

“South of the Circle” is scheduled to be released in response to Japanese for PC (STeam / Gog.com).